Free Love Calculator – See How Strongth Your Love Is!

There are plenty of ways to tell whether you have a good match for love, but a well built love calculator can give you a lot of relevant information. Using this free love calculator, you can determine whether you have found someone who is a true mate. The calculator is simple to use and acknowledges a number of different factors to determine whether there is a good chance of you and your potential partner getting together. With a realistic and honest analysis, you can determine whether it is a good idea to pursue it or not.


This is an incredibly easy to use free love calculator that can give you a good indication whether to spend your time pursing a partner or not. Other calculators are either poorly made or cost too much money, which is why a free love calculator like this one is perfect for people who want the truth and don’t want to pay a lot of money in order to hear it.

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Ram Kumar blogs at DeviceBowl. He is a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. Addicted to Blogging and Coding.

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8 Opinions on “Free Love Calculator – See How Strongth Your Love Is!

  1. Got 62%…with my crush name..ha ha… :P

  2. Hey Ram, this sounds like a cool post. I remember we used to play games like these to calculate love percentage when we were in college. Back then I didn’t have the least expectation that there will be an actual love calculator for this. Thanks a lot for sharing friend.

  3. wow..i calculated my love got 95% stronger…..must try every one Thanks for this post,

    wow great blog ……nice post i have recommend to my friends..

  4. Ha Ha Ha..Dear Ram, What is this. Though, it may be nice post for lovers but i don’t think it is related to our niche in any way. Well, i respect the time that you spend on writing this but you should focus on our niche related topics.
    With All Due Respect,
    Gurjit Singh Khehra.

  5. Hi Ram, what a great site it is. The best thing I like about this site is that it does your analysis free of cost. Today you have to pay money for even the smallest of services. In such a situation, you are getting a free calculation of your partner’s love towards you. What else can be better than this, thanks a lot for sharing.

  6. Surprising results. :P It took me to older days when we play this kind of pranks :P

  7. hi Ram Kumar,
    Nice post, I remember having fun with such tools ages back. Never used any paid tools of such nature though.

    This one needs downloading, so am skipping it. Just a suggestion to the developer of the tool: make it run live on the net, rather than making it a download/desktop tool.


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