How Important Are Customer Reviews? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Customers are the backbone of your business, let it be an eCommerce based one or a service based one, customers rule your world. Their review or testimony could help you to improve your ratings and respect. But unfortunately most of the businesses out there are not considering customer reviews, and they do not realize how important customer reviews are. Do you 90% of the consumers trust recommendations from people they know and also stunning 89% of the consumers trust recommendations made by strangers online. These are two are enough for business to give more importance to such reviews from the customers.

It is easy for customers to read the reviews to know more about the product, and by this they are more likelier to buy the product. You can check out this infographic below to learn more about the question “How Important Are Customer Reviews?”.


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Ram Kumar blogs at DeviceBowl. He is a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. Addicted to Blogging and Coding.

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11 Opinions on “How Important Are Customer Reviews? [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. Many of your data is based on an earlier date, you have an overview of what the numbers say here in 2012?

  2. Customer reviews are very important they serve as your critics of how well and trusted you are as a marketer. They assess your service which let you know what aspect of the business you need to improve.

  3. Yes ofcourse Customer Reviews are very important for any business.As Ram has rightly said that these ratings will influence the decision of the customers.

  4. I’d say that the customer reviews are *almost* as important as good descriptions / product images. The first need, of course, is to know WHAT you are buying (description, images help), the next need is to know IF it’s a good purchase and will suit your needs (reviews fill this need). Both are essential to the shopping process.
    Great Infographics) looks pretty convinsing) Thanks for sharing

  5. Customers are the lifeblood of any business. Without them, everything else crumbles. That is the main reason why their voice matters. I think this is pretty elementary.

  6. I must say whatever information you share here is something really very valuable and Unique, I think if we start acting on things we read and experience here then it will surely enhance our work as well as output, I can proudly say I’m one of the most regular visitor of hellboundbloggers, and thanks for this info.. I love coming here and spending time in learning something different yet unique.

  7. As I say, the customer reviews are most important part for your business, you can find out the lifeline of your business by customer reviews, in short they access your business service and what aspect you need for improve your business. Customers reviews are the lifeblood of any business.

  8. Customer reviews play an important role in making a decision when I am purchasing online… and if you are running one, as rightly said in this infographic, production descriptions are not as important as anonymous customer reviews..!

  9. Hi Ram! Nice infographic. Really customer reviews are important for every product to boost their sales. Really a worth reading infographic! Shared it in Facebook too! Thanks for the article!

  10. All great advice!! A lot of people blog to build their brand and being rude is no way to do that. You really do get what you give when it comes to blogging, and just about everything else for that matter.

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