7 Most Popular Business Degrees of 2013

Do you know, that 23% of all the degrees earned are related to Business? Since they are growing international, Organisations are expecting individuals to make this global and capitalize on their expanding reach.

Here we share 7 most popular Business Degrees of 2013. Entrepreneurship, eCommerce and Marketing are leading in this, with respect to their average income salary. Below we have shared an infographic which lists out all the 7 most popular Business degrees for the year 2013. I hope you find it useful, do share your opinions in the comments below. Thanks.


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9 Opinions on “7 Most Popular Business Degrees of 2013

  1. Having a Business Degree is essential to compete this generation and fulfill dreams.

  2. Great infographics. Thanks for sharing the business degrees of 2013. Surely I’ll visit potomac.edu for more information.

  3. Thanks you for sharing this article… Yeah I too believe that we should closely monitor our online activity inorder to increase our productivity.

  4. This is really easy & valuable explanation for Business Degrees specially for 2013. I like it. This is really appreciable.

  5. Seems like all these degrees focus on Business and commerce ..

  6. Thanks for sharing this article. I really loved the Infographic and happy that entrepreneurship tops the chart. :-)

  7. I love Entrepreneurship. That was a cool infographic. Every one will have to know the basics of a business model.

  8. Not everyone understands the importance of Business degrees while working. I started my MBA in Business Entrepreneurship while working and finished it just last year and it really did give a tremendous boost to my career. Business degrees are what really sets you apart from the crowd.

  9. I am studying marketing and doing internet marketing :D lolx finance is also good if you do some special courses in it

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