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No one likes to pay for something that they can get for free, especially in these times of economic gloom. Few of us would care to pay for our own custom Facebook cover, but most of us like the idea of having a cover that has been designed especially with us in mind.

Introducing, Make a Cover for Facebook an app whose agenda is to produce custom Facebook covers free of charge.

Although Make a Cover for Facebook was launched back in November 2012 and has afforded many people the opportunity to design their Facebook cover more easily, the recent character updates have made this Facebook cover maker app more appealing as a method by which to create your own custom cover.

How This Maker Tool Create Custom Facebook Covers?

Firstly, I’d like to indicate that this Facebook cover maker isn’t a design software application per say. So, how does it make a custom cover you may wonder? Well, Make a Cover for Facebook creates covers by assembling graphical layers together – sounds complicated, well it is for the tool, but it’s easy for you – the end user.

Girl Angel Cover

From a user perspective, it’s incredibly easy to make a custom cover for your Facebook profile as your role is to piece together a custom cover by choosing particular graphic elements. Click by click, well left click more specifically, you customize your cover by piecing together things like clothing, eye browse and eye colour of a character that forms the basis of your custom cover.

What’s New with This Cover Maker App?

According to the development team at Make a Cover for Facebook, this month they’ve introduced a female manga character and penguin character.

During my review process, I was impressed with the quantity of possible customizations with the female managa character – a vast array of female clothing, accessories, hair styles and shoes. I found the customization process incredibly easy and liked that at any moment in time, I can declare my custom Facebook cover finished and import it into my Facebook.

Posh Girl Cover

Just to reiterate, the character that you selected with this Facebook Cover maker forms the basis of your custom cover.

Advantages of Make a Cover for Facebook

Custom Covers – In my opinion, the best thing about this Facebook Cover Maker is that the custom covers that this tool creates are unique.

Lightweight App – The app makes use of the new version of HTML and as a result is light on browser resources. It can therefore be used on older computers as equally as capably as newer machines.

Import into Facebook – Once you’ve completed your custom Facebook cover design you are able to import by a click of a button into your Facebook.

Live Preview Window – As you design your Facebook cover every click that you make to create your cover is applied to a preview window automatically so that you can see the impact of your click.

Download Make a Cover for Facebook

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