Innovative Way To Get Free Personal Finance Advice

ArthaYantraI was actually looking out for some financial advice when I came across this site ArthaYantra on one of my friend’s recommendations. He said he got a free financial advice from them which helped him plan his finances better. That’s when I thought of checking out this software Arthos by ArthaYantra.

Arthos is a web – based financial planning application which provides it’s users financial advice. For a free web app, Arthos is rather impressive. Compared to the bits and pieces of advice you get elsewhere, surprisingly Arthos provides an advice on everything that has got something to do with money.

Installation and set up

Arthos, being a web based application, has no installation process. All you need to do is create a free account and you are in. It just asks you for some basic information. No bank related information of any kind.

Help all the way

The best part with using Arthos, especially being a novice in finance field is its help. You will also have a guy available to chat on their website who will guide you whenever you are stuck with anything. Text and video help is available at every stage. We found this feature extremely useful. You will even receive a mail when you sign up about the documents you have to keep handy before starting the process.

Interface and Ease of Use

The interface of Arthos is easy, intuitive and informative at the same time. Believe me you wouldn’t have recognised that one can categorize spending in such an exhaustive fashion until you use Arthos. The instant insights provided while feeding the data is something which will help you recognize your spending patterns immediately.

In order to get financial advice, you would have to enter quite a bit of data. Even I felt it a bit time taking
to fill in all the details Arthos was asking me. But once you see the advice provided by Arthos you realize why it was asking you to enter those many details. The advice provided by Arthos is surprisingly very easy and practical. Arthos understands your financial situation so well that it provides recommendations that you can easily understand and apply to make your financial state better. It didn’t shy away in telling me that I can’t make my financial condition better until I curb my spending on eating out.

I found the goals advice section useful though it said me I can’t achieve most of goals because I don’t have good personal finance habits. When I actually studied the complete advice by Arthos, I thought I can make a better case with my money if I follow the advice given. Try out the software and let us know how you are faring on managing your finances.

I am sure you have heard about personal financial software what is special in Arthos is truly one of
a kind platform. If followed well I am sure it will positively improve your life. Feel free to share your
thoughts in the comments section.

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4 Opinions on “Innovative Way To Get Free Personal Finance Advice

  1. After reading you blog, I thought your articles is great! I am very like your articles and I am very interested in the field of this. Your blog is very useful for me .I bookmarked your blog!

  2. These type of financial management services are not free. But if it has a free option then it’s a good thing.

  3. It is still in BETA version and asking for complete details of family. I don’t think it is safe to share everything on the web. If it was a software (so that we can install) then it would be great.

  4. Raj Battula says:

    Awesome software. The results are almost the same as given by my adviser. Thanks to HBB for the share.

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