10 Opinions on “HOW TO: Create Email Newsletters That Work

  1. I have been doing email campaigns for few years at work. The testing part is most important of all. Test alot test often, It can’t be redone when sent.

  2. Great to see this post! I was exctally looking to know Create Email Newsletters That Work, I’m really glad of this article which tell me how to Email Newsletters That Work.

  3. I had used some Email newsletters before a week ago but they didn’t work on some platforms.

  4. using aweber and mailchimp we can easily setup a nice newsletter for our readers…they also have pretty nice templates to start on with…some good points mentioned here….thanks ram!


  5. I am currently using getresponse, But the above mentioned service looks great too. I’ll try this week and share my views here.

  6. You are so right about these tips mentioned above.

    People are on the go now a\more than ever. So they stay connected to their inbox via their mobile phones. So when you send out a newsletter to them and they find it hard to view on their phones, this can cause them to be annoyed and unsubscribe.

    Also for growing a mailing list easy the sign up process must be easy.

  7. recently i tried out with free email newsletter generator mailchamp but it is a little bit more complex to me.with these points i try it once again.Thank you

  8. I have been trying to get into email marketing, my main issue is how do I get more people to subscribe to my newsletter? Can you help me in that?

  9. please suggest me some free plugin for news feed in wordpress plus the best news feed service since feedburner is being terminated soon .

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