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Monetize Your Website Links Using MageNet

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Ok you are not exactly selling your links, you are just monetizing it. There is a big difference between these two terms though they include in only one thing – MONEY! So instead of just keeping your blog links simple, you can monetize them using Text Advertisements.

We have seen so much of Text Link Ads networks, and now I’m going to share another popular website called MageNet. They have 6,281+ reputed clients and you can trust its creditability.

Wait.. Is This Against Google’s Policies?

Ok, that’s one of the most commonly asked questions and the answer is, it won’t be considered as ‘link selling’ by Google. Why? Because you are not going to term them as “Sponsored Links” or “Text Link Ads” anywhere. All their links are placed singly and only within the content of the post. Their links will be surrounded by content, it is absolutely natural. It is just like you are referencing some link. Selling links through MageNet is convenient and absolutely safe since it does NOT violate Google policy or any other policies or guidelines.


How It Works?

Using MageNet you can sell text links on every page of your website and get ~ $1,000 / month from link sales. The best thing about MageNet is that you can set your own prices for links and each month you’ll receive automatic payments via PayPal (or other system) with no fees. You have complete control over each sold backlink.

So basically MageNet crawler analyses your sites and checks their content. They mainly see the PageRank and Outbound links on each page. They are doing this in order to sell links from your sites to their advertisers. If you are a desperate blogger having PR 0 sites, you can also use this service but do remember to build links to your site since some incoming and outgoing links should be there on your blog.

Can I Control The Links I Want To Monetize?

Of course, you can. In fact that is another notable feature from MageNet. You can block sites you think bad and won’t be getting any links from them. Another plus point is you can also block specific keywords (like adult or casino stuffs). If you want like blocking like these, you can directly exclude specific pages from getting such offers from such sites.

Try MageNet to enter a new way to monetize your blog posts with the help of text advertisements.

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On February 25, 2013 by in Make Money | Short Link: http://hbb.me/YuYcdS  

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16 Opinions on “Monetize Your Website Links Using MageNet

  1. hmm.. Selling links is wrong but if the links are relevant to content then I think it’s ok to do that. I think I should try MageNet. Thanks for the info… :)

    P.S: Check the spelling of credibility…

  2. I wasn’t aware about MageNet. This is really new for me to know but I’m little to know MageNet.

  3. Thanks For sharing Info About Magenet. BTW is there restrictioon about placing DoFollow or NoFollow attributes for the links?

  4. Thanks for sharing one more way to monetize.

  5. Good suggestion, it could be extra source of second income.

  6. Nice Guide, I would love to use it :)

  7. PrIyAnGsHu says:

    I have just signed up for MageNet just now. I have been using Link Vehicle and Text Link Ads on a few of my high pageranked sites, since long, but this new network also seems to be pretty impressive. Thanks for the coverage Ram, hoping to make some revenue out of it.

  8. I heard first time about Magnet. Surely I’ll give a try. Thanks for the share Ram.

  9. Firs time i heard about this service Magenet.But also this is first experience of mine to seeing the unique service like this. Thumbs up for owner that is behind this great idea.

  10. Hey the site looks nice, I might give it a try. I just wanna know if they have any approval eligibilities like traffic or pr or something else?

  11. There are lots or similar ad network available… which one your recommend #personally ?

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