HOW TO: Book Train Tickets On IRCTC Website

Yes, we all know, some find it quite frustrating to book tickets through IRCTC website. In this post I will help you to book tickets easily and with as less frustration as possible. First of all you need an account. YES, it’s simple to sign up. It is compulsory to create one account in order to book tickets. Your session might expire some times if you are not active on the site for more than 10 mins. You need to re-login again. Please remember this simple issue. After you get registered by filling up information and personal details which is like any other official site registration, you will need to click on submit button where a ‘Pop Up’ will appear.

Proceed further by clicking on the validated information and accepting terms and conditions (which we rarely read), then check your registered e-mail for your User ID and Password. Click on the activation link to activate your account. Also, check the verification code on your registered mobile number. You can either Login by clicking on the activation link. (or) you can visit “” and enter your login details there.

IRCTC homepage

After logging in successfully, you will come to the following page, where you can see the option “plan my travel”. This is the first step to book tickets.

After filling in the destinations, date, and quota, click on “find trains”. You’ll land on a page like this. (Train details differs on daily basis)

List of Trains - IRCTC

You need to get familiar with the meanings of the symbols and abbreviations. which have been explained too.

a) If you want to travel in ‘First Class AC’ class then click under ’1A’ column.

b) If you want to travel in ‘First Class (not air-conditioned)’ then click under ‘FC’ column.

c) If you want to travel in ‘AC 2-Tier Sleeper’ class then click under ’2A’ column.

d) If you want to travel in ‘AC 3-Tier Sleeper’ class then click under ’3A’ column.

e) If you want to travel in ‘AC Chair Car’ class then click under ‘CC’ column.

f) If you want to travel in ‘Sleeper’ class then click under ‘SL’ column.

g) If you want to travel in ‘Second Seating’ class then click under ’2S’ column.

To know the fare of the ticket, click on ‘Get Fare’.

Ticket Resevation - IRCTC

As seen above, you need to fill in your details. The details of ticket, availability of tickets at the particular time and the fare including tax & service charge will appear on the screen along with the payment option.

Ticket Reservation 2 - IRCTC

You can opt for credit card, debit card, cash card & credit card EMI options. After successful payment, the User is shown ticket confirmation details.

Payment Details - IRCTC

If you want to book return ticket, click “Book Return Ticket” and you’ll get redirected on “Plan my Travel” page with the ‘From’ and ‘to’ station swapped. Well, isn’t it easy peasy? Happy journey! Do let us know in the comments if you face any issue. Thanks. :)

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