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Paid Links Aren’t Entirely Dead – Yet!

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Earlier this year, Google stunned many parties when they rolled out a series of penalties against paid links. First there was the Penguin update where websites that were found to be participating in link schemes and paid links were penalized. Then, there were the ‘unnatural links warning’ that Google Webmaster Tools would provide.

For a while it seemed as if the days of paid links were well and truly numbered – but fast forward to the present day and paid links are still alive and kicking, even if they have taken a hit or two along the way.

Use At Your Own Risk

Paid Links
Nowadays that’s the ethos behind paying for links or participating in link schemes – do so at your own risk.

Considering the Penguin update appears to be here to stay, the fact of the matter is that using any dubious links could lead to instant de-ranking on Google. On top of that there’s the entire ‘unnatural links’ warning that could lead to other penalties too if no action is taken.

But considering the fact that people are still selling links, it seems that there’s still a market for it out there. In other words, either people are willing to shoulder the risk or they’ve found a way around it.

Paid Link Strategies that Evade Detection

Some SEO services that deal with paid links have been attempting to avoid Google detecting them by utilizing various methods such as link wheels, pyramid links, and so on. Basically all of these operate on the principle that paid links can be ‘masked’ by directing them through other links instead, forming a huge link structure.

Whether or not any of these strategies are particularly effective is still debatable and tests have shown that while in some cases they appear to work, in others Google has spotted them.

“Are Paid Links Viable in the Long Term?”

Truth be told this is a loaded question. On one hand, it is unlikely that Google will find a way to completely crack down on paid links anytime in the foreseeable future but on the other hand the methods that it uses are certainly going to get more advanced as time goes by.

Frankly speaking, it is more likely that eventually Google moves to a new algorithm that simply does not place as much value in links.

As things stand however, the fact is that Google has consistently declared that any and all links should be ‘natural’. No matter how you slice or dice it, paid links go against Google’s Terms of Service and while they may not be able to compel you to avoid paid links, they are well within their rights to penalize you via your search rankings.

Right now, paid links aren’t entirely dead yet, but they are getting more and more risky. If you’re thinking about long term and sustainable search engine rankings then you may want to steer clear of them, but either way the choice is yours.

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GetPRed provides Guest Posting Service from High Domain Authority Blogs and High Page Rank Blogs making marketing simpler and Affordable.

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31 Opinions on “Paid Links Aren’t Entirely Dead – Yet!

  1. You are right Paid Links are some risky, but Links from high DA, PA Sites with the same niche could not effect harm. Its my experience since last two Google PR updates.

    • Thanks for the comment David!

      Well, I too do the same but make sure the links are not from Casino or Gambling Sites or else it can affect adversely to your blog.

      Thanks and Regards,

  2. If Google will upgrade its algorithm, then even the style of link building will have to be changed… I strongly feel that, paid links will never die!

    • Thanks for the comment Zainil!

      Paid links are the alternative to Adsense income for a Newbie or a Part Time Blogger. Because in the very early stage no one can reach to 5000 Dollars till he will not understand that Google Loves Content and Quality not SEO :)

      Thanks and Regards,

      • Paid links are risky But I don’t think that people are gonna stop it. There are still thousands of bloggers who are accepting paid links because it is one of most used way of income. Lets see how Google will be updating its algo to kill bloggers’ income. 😛

  3. I think in the long run paid links will be back with a vengeance. There’s simply no way for Google to know whether a given link was paid for or not. As long as they use links as the metric, people will pay for them.

    • Thanks for the comment David!

      You said Well! In many cases they can’t found if the link is paid or not? But make sure as I said to David above. Casino and Gambling links are mostly paid links so better to ignore the mails regarding those links. All you know well so I must say you got the hint too :)

      Thanks and Regards,

  4. So its better to forget about paid links

    • Thanks for the comment Ernest!

      I’m not saying to forget Paid Links but you have to select and consider which links you should accept or reject.

      If you are ignoring Cloud Service Paid Links and accepting Gambling Links then it will be loss to you but if you do the vice-verse it will not affect your blog ranking or SEO. And Google will be calm too.

      Thanks and Regards,

  5. Google has even planned a real-human report feature for reporting ‘paid links’ to Google, if they find them

    • Thanks for the Comment Gautham!

      Well, I don’t think so it’s coming very soon. It may take few months to come as Google’s main plan is Clearing the spam posts first.

      Thanks and Regards,

  6. yeah totally agree with article paid links are still alive but we should more focus on quality……..

    • Thanks for the Comment Harshit!

      Yeah, Hundred Percent Correct Statement! We all have to focus on content. Quality Content = High Traffic + Good SEO + Good Blessings from Google in form of Adsense.

      Thanks and Regards,

  7. Paid Links are too risky when we get caught by GS. But I think Paid links will never be finish.

    • Thanks for the Comment Ramesh!

      Well, If Paid Links went down then it will be loss to many SEO and Blogger who are accepting Paid Links. Even it was cleared by Matt Cuts in past that Guest Posting is the best way to earn the rank for any keyword easily and quality wise.

      GetPRed’s Guest Posting Service is all about Manual Guest Posting from High Page Rank and Domain Authority Blogs.

      Thanks and Regards,

  8. I have seem that many people are still buying links, i don’t know why. may be to get high PR so that they can earn $$$ by paid advertisement or guest post etc.

    But I never recommend paid link building

    • Thanks for the Comment Sunil!

      Yeah, You heard right :) People love to buy Paid Links buy paying them using PayPal 😀 😀

      Thanks and Regards,

  9. Well, We should be very much choosy while selecting the paid link. I think link suitable to one’s niche should only be permitted in the post.

  10. Paid links are not harmful , just don’t overdose.

    • Thanks for the Comment Rakesh!

      So when you going to accept Warez, Porn, Gambling Paid Links on your blog? (According to your comment I’m questioning you)

      Thanks and Regards,

  11. Thanks for the Comment Zainil!

    That was a truth and awesome fact. Note down that 😀

    Thanks and Regards,

  12. Anand Singh says:

    Paid links are used by most of the reputed business website. Whenever, Google comes with new algorithm a new methods of paid link are created. From those Google algorithm updates mostly small websites are being affected.

  13. Paid links still work you just need to find a quality blog. They give better results and penguin free and penguin penlaty risk free

  14. Techispider says:

    i have been getting lot of paid posts ,,,are they safe

  15. Mike Reeson says:

    Thanks for the info. It sounds like, for me, it is best to stay away from the paid links…better to be safe than sorry!

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