34 Opinions on “10 Common Brand Logo Mistakes You Should Avoid

  1. Logo in a way is your brand image and one should not just copy it form some were it should be unique and should define the brand in itself and the points above and fully valid and one should keep a not of it.

  2. Great post Reese! There’s a common mis-conception (albeit a bit less today) that the more “graphical” a logo is, the better it is. #2 definitely hit home on that front. Simplicity is essential – think Apple.

    Re: Taglines, they are definitely a powerful branding element. But again, many great companies do not have taglines, and are yet immensely successful from the branding perspective – eg: Google. What are your thoughts on that?

    • Thanks Bavis! Taglines are very powerful specially if the business are being realistic and it matches the quality of the service. Think of Nike (Just Do It), Apple (Think Different), Mastercard (There are some things that money can’t buy. For everything else there’s MasterCard.), Kodak (Share moments, Share life.) their taglines boost brand, creates reputation and catches every consumer’s attention. I believe even Google have informal slogan “Don’t be Evil”. Like you’ve said taglines are very powerful branding element so why not include one? :)

  3. Hi,

    when talking about logo its an important for every business and blogs too, as the first thing which every client see’s is logo.. to making a good logo will be helpful.

  4. Designing a logo is indeed a very creative task & I am sure that all cannot create a good logo… There must be surely a check list of do’s & dont’s while creating a logo! :-)

  5. Logo is very important for branding. It makes real sense to get a good logo designer to design a good logo for your website or business… no, do not ever use stock images!

  6. Hi Reese,

    This is a great post. I’ve made some of the mistakes that you pointed out in this article. I’ve recently done a re-branding of my business and created a logo. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted my brand to be but once I did the logo design came along naturally. I’m still in the processes of polishing the look of my logo but for the most part I’m happy with it and my new brand. Thanks for sharing these awesome tips with us over at BizSugar.com. I appreciate it!


    • Glad to help Ti! Well most of starters (even me) got a tons of headache when planning or designing logo. Ive got 5 out of 10 mistakes when I’ve started. Oh by the way, I am more than glad share some of my works at BizSugar.

  7. Really Good Article Thanks for sharing this Valuable Point in this post. I have seen Lot off mistake our business Logo. I will Create again. Thanks for this Suggestion :) keep it up

  8. I think we should probably all think much more about our branding. And, of course, branding is not limited to only a company’s logo. It’s about how your customers perceive you, and what could be more important than that.

  9. There is also the risk of you, as a business owner or your employees thinking your brand is just about the logo. Branding runs deeper than that – reflecting who you are as a business and what you stand for. It permeates most things your business does from your dress-code at events/meetings, type-face on stationery, tone you write your e-mails with, colours that appear in your office decor – the message is more than the logo, but get the logo right (with the right message) and all the other bits can flow from it (if you know what you stand for already!)

  10. Oh yeah! Unfortunately I have faced this problem while designing logo for my company. You bet raster graphics sucks, it’s better to go with vector graphics. First of all, it is of small file size and second it has the ability to scale the image to any size without the loss of quality which makes the logo more pleasing and attractive. Vector graphics are ideal for logo designs, as they can be printed according to the size of business cards. Thanks for providing valuable post, Reese!

  11. Hi,
    Well, I do agree with the point that you have shared. A good logo design definitely creates an impression for your business. So, it has to be perfectly made. Creating mistakes as you have suggested would definitely bring your business down. This is absolutely true!! Thanks for the share!!

  12. Anton Koekemoer says:

    Yes – Using Stock Images to me personally is one of the biggest mistakes one can make when it comes to designing a logo – especially a business logo.

  13. Having tagline with Company Logo is really important. It actually describes your importance and way of working.

  14. Really a business logo denotes the business so everyone should get careful before choosing their business logo.. Its name, size and how it looks that’s matters

  15. Its important to have an eye-catchy and remember-able logo. If you are establishing a brand then its recommended to have an unique and professional logo. Thanks for these tips :)

  16. Priyanka Bhowmick says:

    that’s true. logo represents the brand afterall.. great tips. cheers!

  17. Yes Marya you are correct these small mistakes make a large effect on our small time business and since we all know small businesses don’t have much of a back support. What I have personally noticed is that people don’t give much time and attention in choosing the right logo for their brand, they go for something which is different looking, they don’t think about the customer’s point of view. Hopefully this post will stop some mistakes, thanks for sharing the post.

  18. HI,

    Logos are the main part of the brand which should be unique and attractive. And the first thing which every client notices is logo itself.


  19. Jimson Paul says:

    LOGO is the company in itself so never take it from the net make an original one!!

  20. wow its really helpful article for me ! I wasn’t aware of importance of Logo. I used to use Stock images from any place’s & it looked cheap but I didn’t give my attention towards my this mistake.

  21. Nice if you wanted to make a brand then you definitely need yo invest money in logo designing and in many different things

  22. WOW! You have just nailed down many awesome points here that every logo designer must know, and the companies also before making final decisions with their logo stuff. Logo is the only thing that represents yourself in the market among customers, if you have wrong / faulty logo then how one can trusts on you!

  23. Logos are very important and essential for every website or service. Your points are very good, and every should should keep your points in mind before creating a logo. That’s why I always prefer to hire professional logo designers only.

  24. Logos should be infact easier to understand and remember. A logo is a brand’s first impression on the target audience. People usually tend to recognise a brand by its logo. Hence, the logo should be some wierd font or crooked picture that makes no snese. It should be rather something meaningful and effective.

  25. ShoppingMonk says:

    I would suggest: Simple and easy to remember logo

    Very good article and thanks reese !

  26. Couldn’t agree more with your points. In today’s world, having a proper is essential, not only for the recognition of the firm but also also for its survival. An attractive brand logo is a great way of attract new audience to your company. Therefore, it should be designed wisely.

  27. chetotricks says:

    Simplicity of a logo makes it more easy to be understood and portrays a direct message to the viewer.

    Great post
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  28. logos reflect the website,it s a very important aspect which one should never overlook

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