The Tech Billionaire College Dropout [INFOGRAPHIC]

Who hates to be a billionaire? Who loves going to College? Now if you have a great startup idea then you have the ultimate chance to become a tech billionaire college dropout. Famous tech personalities like Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Steve Jobs (Apple) and Bill Gates (Microsoft) are all college dropouts. They believed in their idea and left their college to follow their dreams. You can see the below infographic to know more about them.

This infographic answers several questions and you’ll ask the question does college really pay off in the long run?

Tech Billionaire College Dropout


So who is your favorite tech billionaire college dropout? :)

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12 Opinions on “The Tech Billionaire College Dropout [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. Cool infographic bro, they all have creativity and some unique ideas.

  2. I like how facts were presented in this infographic. I don’t suggest that kids dropout in college just because these 3 billionaires did. But they can be quite an inspiration for their hardwork and determination.

  3. Awesome infographic. Too bad, I have completed college… hopefully this doesn’t mean that I won’t become a billionaire!

  4. The thing is that there are several employees earning after college graduation, but not all the drop outs are billionaires.There are many who are hustling, a lot of them are broke.

  5. Amazing ! Infographics and information is very much in detail that don’t have to read a long essay of paragraph.

  6. Good one!! Bunch of college drop-outs are managing MBA Graduates.. :) It really motivates me a lot as I am too a college drop-out and have a dream to make it big..

  7. I’m very much inspired by these guys, but i’m not dare enough to drop college… LOL
    Nice infographic… good information it had :)

  8. these are the persons who really inspires the world to believe in dream and make it happen.
    I’ve few similar sort of posts in my blog under great stories.

  9. this shows every time u drop out from havard u tend to become a millionaire…just kidding but each and everyone on the above list is a true legend and an inspiration

  10. Really a good infographic, it inspires most of the startup entrepreneur

  11. nice way of displaying the big names in the market love the illustration

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