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The current generation relies on online shopping, but they don’t often find a best platform to buy and sell products. The complications involved here are quite immense. I just want to show a popular Indian website to you, which could make it easy for you to buy and sell products online. OLX provides you a simple solution to the complications involved in selling, buying, trading, discussing, organizing, and or even meeting people near you, wherever you may reside.

You can sell almost anything there, let it be an electronic item, furnitures, or whatever it is. Want to hire people for some services, you can also count on this. You have to be a registered member to buy and sell products, but don’t worry the registration is free.

Key Features of

  • Design rich advertisements with pictures easily.
  • You can control your selling, buying, and community activities.
  • Option to share your Advertisements on various social media portals like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Has an elegant mobile site to access your ads, and it is also available in your local language.

You can also filter listing by state-wise, suppose if you want free ads Mumbai, will have a separate page listings for that state.

OLX ads

The site’s functionality is awesome I should say, easy to navigate and the homepage contains all the relevant links related to the ‘buy and sell’ term. Has a smooth search bar to find all the related listings.

The small sized classifieds that are dominantly visible in the newspapers and online these days could rightly be called small wonders of marketing. These ads are very affordable due to low costs involved and influential sites like OLX make these available for the user absolutely free of cost. In big cities that are plagued by traffic and too distantly located shopping arcades, these ads are of great use. Considering the example of Delhi, the Classifieds Delhi has changed the ways of dealing for the shopper as well as the buyer.

Ads For Public View

The ads that are brought to the public through these websites are quick in attaining response as well as action. This is what has changed the ways of shopping of Delhi shoppers. The shoppers in Delhi can make use of these ads for buying every sort of product because all sorts and sizes of sellers of Delhi advertise their products and services in this kind of marketing as it is very compulsive and compelling in its approach. The customers in Delhi have given very remarkable response to the Classifieds Delhi.

These ads are very particular in their inclusions and are meant for a specific purpose so that the Delhi shoppers could reach the point that exactly matches their demands. For example, if anyone wants to buy a used car, he could get exposed to a lot of such sellers in Delhi who are selling such cars by merely inputting the data in fields as per the requirements of the buyer on the websites that feature the Delhi classifieds. Even the individuals and small sellers of Delhi are taking full advantage of these ads and are also witnessing good returns from business. This has widened the list of sellers which makes it easy for the buyer to choose the most right dealer for himself. These classifieds display all relevant information so that the right person that the buyer is looking for could be contacted in a hassle free and less time taking manner.

One advantage that these ads accrue to the buyer other than the above stated ones is that the buyer does not need to waste his hard earned money for filling up his car’s fuel tank to reach a place in search of the desired product. He could find it effortlessly with the help of the Delhi classifieds right from the ease of his home. TV Advertisements is one of the few sites which took TV ads seriously. The result? They performed extremely good at that. You can see the video/tv ad “Baby Cot” below to witness it.

The concept of these TV Advertisements are simple, but they are displayed in a creative and elegant way, most of all the funny manner they are presented in. They show us the routine problems faced by us, and how we can solve them by using such online classified sites.

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  1. Yes Ram Kumar you are correct that OLX definitely provides a great platform to sell and buy products online. Infact, all categories of products can be found at the site. This is definitely very beneficial for all of us. More importantly, products at every price range are also available. This is definitely the best services being given by OLX. Thanks for sharing!! 

  2. Nice site. I have listed 2 of my products in Olx and 1 already sold :)

    • actually i have listed my ad of my product on OLX as i am using it first tym i got a buyer for that
      can u plzz help me on selling the product like what is neccesary,how to make transaction and how to receive payment

  3. absolutely OLX is one of the best place to buy and sell products and their customer service is awesome……i sold my nokia N97 through them, they helped me alot…….

  4. I didn’t know about OLX! Thanks for the introduction to OLX… this is a really good site to do online buying and selling. Will check out what I can get online at the site at a bargain perhaps. :)

  5. OLX is great, Quikr is actually unreachable in many big Indian Towns and OLX is way more popular to get more deals

  6. Yes this is nice platform for sell and buy anything which is needful daily lifestyle and you can purchase any product on that site just in your budget without wastage of too much time.

  7. really amazing site of india very useful and valuable site :)

  8. is my most favorite free classified site. I used this site several times to sell various products and sold all the products successfully.

  9. This site is really good. One can easily sell his products via olx. i like it very much.

  10. Now days many scams are also taking place oh such websites, one should be aware of it too….

  11. OLX is a free local classified ads site of India but seriously OLX is wonder full platform for sell and buy anything. There are many other free classified ads site but I Just prefer OLX to buy or sell.

  12. Use of OLX for buying and selling products has been taking place since a long time now. I like the concept of watching advertisements of the products we want to buy, go through the pictures and price and buy the stuff online if you like it. It saves so much of time and money.

  13. Hi Ram Kumar! Really i agree with you. Whatever you have written that is correct. OLX is Great platform to sell and buy your product online.OLX is a free local classified ads site of India but seriously OLX is wonder full platform for sell and buy anything.  and I used this site several times to sell various products and sold all the products successfully. Well Thanks for sharing this information .

  14. Want to sell car

  15. OLX made to sell & buy very easy!

  16. Chandan arora says:

    I need a second hand pool table

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