Make Money With YouTube Revenue Sharing Program

Every website adopts a monetization avenue such as advertising to earn revenue. We find banners promoting brands placed along the sides, top and bottom in a website. YouTube, originally a video sharing website, also has a monetization method called the revenue sharing program. This video website competes with Facebook for the amounts of time people spend watching videos on YouTube daily. On YouTube people explore, watch and share original videos, acquire rates, comments and respond to videos with a respond video. If you are Youtuber, use the revenue sharing program to earn money from your own videos.

Revenue Sharing Program

The revenue sharing program comes as an incentive to Youtubers who have a lot to share with world through videos. To be a part of the program you need a Google Adsense account and an invite from YouTube to enable revenue sharing for that video. YouTube shall approach you when your video is an original video (not a copyrighted one!), has video copyrights and distribution rights to display and has valid views. By valid views I mean good traffic and subscription to your video. I guess nobody is able to figure out the exact view count as yet, probably a view count of 1000 will definitely get you an invite from YouTube to join the program. You would also need to tell about your video for an approval.

YouTube - Revenue Sharing

Once you have joined the program, ads will placed will be on the right side of your YouTube video box or sometimes at the bottom on the video player. When people click the ad to see it, you get paid into your Adsense account. Just a click on the ad is required for you earn! YouTube and the advertisers pay for promoting their brands to your friends. A separate menu in your YouTube account called the revenue share videos shall have all your earning videos. If you are able to earn from two or three videos, you’ll have the option to monetize almost every video you upload on YouTube. Videos with ads bring along curious subscribers apart from some money.

Youtube Monetization

YouTube considers monetization options for popular videos which are not a part of the program to expand the reach of the site’s program. So any Youtuber’s viral video gets a chance of being a revenue share video.

  • Upload HD videos to attract more views. HD videos deliver clarity with respect to picture and sound. People would like to stay on the video and not leave easily.
  • A catchy video title helps you get more people to view your video.
  • Above all creating a good quality content contributes to the success of a video.

YouTube - Revenue Share Videos

Although the revenue sharing program appears to be an easy way to earn money, as a Youtuber you also need to know:

  • You don’t choose ads for your videos so you might get ads of companies which are not your preference.
  • You can’t expect huge earnings from this program. Even earning $100 would take a long time.
  • Video ads are sometimes too disturbing. Your subscribers have to close them to watch the video. [Learn how to increase YouTube Channel Subscribers]
  • Your video has to be original and make sure you own the rights to all the video content. There are chances of rejecting based on copyright infringement.

A lot many profitable ways are available to make money on this video website. YouTube’s revenue sharing program although a slow pace money machine gives an opportunity to work towards sharing good video with world.

Youtube’s Revenue sharing and Monetisation Program [VIDEO]

You can check out YouTube Partner Program.

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She is a passionate writer and internet marketer who has shared her ideas on social media, making money online, daily deals through her many guest posts.

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    Don’t get me wrong, just about everything you do these days takes a lot of HARD work and I’m all for that. I have stayed away from youtube, but after reading your article things might change..

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