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10 Email Marketing Software For Sending Bulk Emails

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Internet is one of the best marketing platforms in today’s world and email marketing has become one of the most used marketing techniques. Although the term email marketing is self-explanatory, carrying out such campaigns needs the assistance of software or application which is known as email marketing software. These help you in sending emails in bulk to your existing customers and potentially new ones. The emails can be personalized for each of the recipient in the marketing list. Another option is looking into an email marketing company that offers consulting, design and bulk distribution services so you won’t need any software.

An email marketing applications consist of the database and the interface. The database is containing the entire contact information, statistics on the performance of campaign and archives all the messages. The interface provides you with all the tools required to actually run the campaign such as sending messages, entering contacts and designing your emails.

1. Email Marketing Pro

Email Marketing Pro

This is one of the market leaders, when we talk about the email marketing software. It can authenticate your own SMTP server for free email marketing, create bulk email and send personalized emails in seconds. It can import the current customer list and automatically unsubscribe and handle bounce-back mails. Among other features that Email Marketing Pro encompasses are the ability to customize built-in database of unlimited groups of people, sending email at timed intervals to avoid server congestion or ISP limit and reusing any bulk email campaign. You can personalize the email such as the first and the last name addressing.

2. 1And1 Mail

1And1 Mail

It helps you to maximize your email deliver-ability and avoids being blacklisted by email service providers. With 1And1 Mail, your email marketing campaigns will be delivered accurately and harmless to your clients. What makes this software special is the fact that it comes with an email template downloader, with which you can impress your customers with a nice and professional email template. What’s more you can download any web page and convert it into an email template! This also as a multi-account manager and reduces the risk of spamming and allows you to manage multiple email accounts from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail etc.

3. Send Blaster 2

Send Blaster 2

First and foremost, it is free email marketing software which makes it a serious competitor in the market. It gives small businesses a chance to take on their giant rivals. It can be used to create an impact email using the free templates available with the software. It has an embedded editor and at the same time allows you to use an external HTML editor. It comes with an effective analyzer which can also be integrated with Google Analytics. You can get data on the number of emails read, products purchases and subscriptions to your website or finalize goals you set by you in Google Analytics.

4. Email Marketing Director

Email Marketing Director

This is a one stop solution for your professional email marketing campaign. Email Marketing Director allows you to import previously created HTML and start your campaign instantly. The advanced features that the software has include ability to add anchors, post, hyperlinks, images and subscripts along with other formatting options. It is highly user-friendly software which gives you actionable statistic that you need to run a successful marketing campaign. It can easily import mailing list and can automatically unsubscribe user requests. It gives you three preview modes – HTML source, plain text and an overall preview.

5. Atomic Mail Sender

Atomic Mail Sender

You won’t have to train your staff to initiate an email campaign with Atomic Mail Sender as it offers an easy-to-use interface and requires no training. Among the features, this software includes a built-in SMTP server, authentication support and multiple email formats. Atomic Mail Sender supports Microsoft Word, DBF databases, CSV files, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and other file formats making it highly flexible. This limitless software allows you to send newsletter to unlimited recipients. It also allows you to manage unlimited number of fields for personalization including name and other personal data in your emails.

6. GroupMail


If you want to send professional email message personalized for each of your recipients, this is the software for you. It has an in-line message scripting and reply management controls. The email filter in it allows you to quickly sort and categorize email addresses. It allows you to manage unlimited number of fully customizable groups/lists with an unlimited number of recipients, and making it a highly powerful marketing tool. It is highly secured software which keeps you recipient details private and confidential. One of the major pluses of this software is the fact that it can detect bounces automatically and verify recipient’s address with ease.

7. Handymailer


This comprehensive email marketing software comes with a WYSIWYG HTML message composer which lets you personalize your messages with mail merge. This also comes with a host of other features such as direct email sending without SMTP servers and multi-thread email delivery. Handymailer can also manage bounced emails and subscription requests. You can embed images and other mail attachments easily. It has a duplicity checker which removes duplicate ids from the list and allows you to have a clean mailing list. You can also make use of add-ons to add spark to your campaign.

8. e-Campaign


An easy to use campaign manager this allows to you design rich HTML emails and newsletters to market your business. You can design highly personalized emails with this. You can also customize the emails including the subject, message body, file attachments and even embed different images for different recipients in the same mailing list. This is a complete campaign runner and supports all the popular databases including Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, SQL Server, MySQL, etc. The advanced WYSIWYG HTML composer and built-in SMTP server make it a robust system. It detects bounce mails automatically and process unsubscribing requests.

9. WorldCast


It is one of the most cost effective email marketing software available in the market, making it ideal for a startup email campaigns. It comes with an email address validator which verifies the entire emailing list, reporting the good and bad email addresses. In WorldCast you can create unlimited number of email lists. It allows you to import and export the mailing lists from databases such as text and CSV file and Outlook Express.

10. Multi-Email


This email marketing software comes in with six built-in databases and two built-in auto responders which can send an immediate reply to your customers with the right message. It allows you to automatically subscribe and unsubscribe requests directly in the program. With MultiEmail you can automatically remove bounced messages from your database and from the server. It also helps in verifying email in real time. It has a built in SMTP server and allows you to send a web page in your email message with active links and pictures. It can import mailing list from text files and other databases.

Email marketing software helps you in running an active campaign for your business. You need to choose them in accordance to your needs. It is however important to keep in mind that you need to create attractive as well as informative emails to create maximum impacts among the customers.

Editor’s note:

Thunder Mailer: This is one of the best mass email program – easy to use yet powerful and is being used by many internet marketing gurus to manage their mailing lists and send email campaigns. What is special with Thunder Mailer is that you can maintain your in-house mailing list, safely and securely on your computer, without needing to upload it to a email server (such as in the case of using Aweber). I think this is one of the biggest advantage of using this program and one of the reason why I recommend it to by buddies.

Thunder Mailer

Thunder Mailer is ultra fast because it uses multithreaded sending, and tests show that it has no hiccups handling huge mailing lists of multiple hundreds of thousands of subscribers! The program supports both free SMTP or premium SMTP servers.

Fellow, I urge you to check out this program at Thundermailer.com!

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Mark Wilston is working as an Emarketing Executive with PixelCrayons.com. PixelCrayons is a creative web design company specializing in custom web design solutions & custom web development solutions.

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25 Opinions on “10 Email Marketing Software For Sending Bulk Emails

  1. I have a company where I need to get bulk emails sent for promotions, invitations, etc. I was facing a lot of problems as the amounts of emails to keep sending individually was getting really tiresome for me and my employees. These bulk email sending options are really nice. Thanks for sharing this with us, it will help my business a lot. Cheers.

  2. For online businesses sending emails in bulk is the best medium for internet marketing. But it is a tough job to do. I have my online business where I do email campaigning for making my clients aware of my products and new launches. But it becomes very difficult for me to send emails to my whole list. Thanks for your easy tips. You have given me much simpler method to do so. By posting screenshots you have made it more clearer. By this it seems it will more faster too!

  3. What about Aweber? isn't it good?

  4. For my online business, internet marketing is very important. I know email marketing is the best medium for internet marketing, but it is a tough job! But as you have suggested that email marketing software and applications can make this job easy, I think i will be using it in future. It will also help in making the job of email marketing fast. Thanks for your suggestions!

  5. Kuldeep Khatri says:

    Really great list! I wanted such tools mails in bulk.

  6. These are good software for bulk emailing. Frankly, I have not used any of them, but they all look great. Will check them out, perhaps Email Marketing Pro in particular, as it looks exceptionally good. :)

  7. Coincidentally today when I switched on my PC, I had only one thing in my mind and that was to find ways of sending bulk emails and here I am looking at your post. After spending more than an hour I could find information in bits and pieces on several sites. But when I landed on your page, I could not only find all the info, but also I have many options to select from. I am really thankful to you for such a helpful post.

  8. rakesh kumar says:

    All of them are desktop edition, except send blaster have a wordpress plugin. I have a list of more than 12000 email addresses. I want to send all of them information about my new post every time i publish any new article on my wordpress blog. Do you know any free plugin for wordpress which can server my purpose. I have tried a lots of plugin earlier but none of them could solve my problem.

  9. Atomic Mail Sender’s tracking links are blacklisted. It’s completely useless since the link gets flagged, which in turn gets you blacklisted too. The link is atmst.net. 

  10. What about BBmail email marketing software? I think it is a good one too.

  11. Most of those software will increase email spam score. That will make your email blacklist. If that happen, it’s hard for you to send out email.

  12. Tamer Abdelwahed says:

    Thank you for the article :)

    Is there some hidden codes should be written while creating the emails for tracking them? like knowing from which browsers, devices, countries, etc the emails has been opened?

    While sending email, is there a possibility that my email would be blacklisted? or the domain blocked?
    If yes, how to avoid this? and is this related to the software I’m using?

    • If your emails look like SPAM then there is a possibility that they’ll blacklist it, apart from that you won’t have any issues. Normally all the popular Email Marketing Software will have all the features you requested. :)

  13. Hello,

    Thank you for this very interesting article.
    Could anyone let me know what they think of “vertical response”? I’m currently on free trial wih them and would love your experience….
    Also is any o these sites giving analytical data on the recipient action? Did he open the mail? Did he forward it to a friend?…

  14. Hi, I am looking for an email solution for my start up at http://www.fruitland.vn. I also have a nemail list i want to import (10000), what is your suggestion to me?

  15. is any one of the above listed software web based where i can install it and access it from a web browser?

  16. I wouldn’t recommend desktop based applications because first off they don’t have proper authentication methods…you would have to use SMTP details of Gmail or other commercial accounts which means you will be restricted on the number of emails you can send per day. There are numerous other problems with it. We used to use Mailchimp but later switched to Email It – http://www.emailit.co which is a great alternative email marketing software. They supply all the features you need and nothing you don’t. They also provide great support which lured me into using their services.

  17. Search AB Bulk Mailer. It is best email marketing software in the world

  18. We are using SmartEmail24.com and there you get 10 SMTP servers with unique IPs from $9.95. So great deal for us.

  19. Jasper Kaseraski says:

    I have bought a copy of Thunder mailer. I must say it’s pretty good especially when it’s so cheap.. $69 only. I am surprised how easy it is to setup the software and use it.

    I used Aweber before, but it’s not very cost effective for the long run. Also, it’s requirements to opt in also give me a lot of headache, especially when I want to send to an existing list of mine.

    Hope my comment will help people who is looking for a bulk mailer.

  20. I must say that these software are very interesting. Definitely will save you a lot of money in the long run, compared to services such as Aweber, such is blood-sucking expensive. I like your software list, especially ThunderMailer. It looks great and promising.

  21. Just like what the editor’s has suggested, Thunder Mailer is a great choice if you are looking for a mass emailer. I bought this software last week and I am really impressed with the emailing speed this software can deliver! They have a promo code you can use now which gives you 20% off.

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