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3 Things To Do To lose Out All Blogging Stress

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Blogging is great isn’t it? Except we have to deal with lots of stressful things like writing articles for blog, marketing our blog, managing our blog and lots of other things.

All this stressful things makes us to lose out our prime focus and makes our blogging work harder and harder. If you are in stress you can’t hold your pencil perfectly to write some effective lines for your blog post, you can’t find a proper tactic to market your blog. In stress you can do anything effectively and productively.

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So if you want to shine in blogging arena then the first thing that you have to do is getting rid of this stress thing. Because stress is productivity eater and eats out our productivity completely so we have to avoid stress anyhow.

So below I’m sharing my 3 tips to avoid the blogging stress and work more productively for your blog:

1.Watch Funny Videos And Movies

The best thing that you can do to reduce stress is by laughing. You can watch some funny videos on YouTube or Funny Movies on internet to let it out all your stress so that you can work more productively and effectively.

According to me laughter is best medicine for losing out all our blogging stress and you can lose it by watching funny videos, movies, pics, messages etc…

2. Reading Books

Reading books is one of my favorite hobbies. I read a lot and also write a lot, whenever I feel that my stress level is raising up then I just pickup any book from my bookshelf and start reading to divert my mind from stress and make it cool and productive again. So after sometime I can go back to my blogging work with freshness and complete my pending work.


The third place where I go to release all my blogging stress is Facebook. I just login into my profile and watch some funny videos, funny movies, pics , status updates shared by friends to decrease the level of my blogging stress  if still I’m unable to decrease it then I just start chatting with my friends and after certain period of time I completely forgot about my stress, and have a refreshed mind to work on.

I love Facebook it’s my stress buster.

So above are three tips that you can use to reduce your blogging stress level like by watching funny videos, chatting with friends, reading books etc. if you’ve your own way to lose out the stress then share it with us in below comment section….

Thanks for reading… I hope this post will help you out….

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This article is written by Sarvesh. He is the lead editor at funny-commercials.org and is passionated in the advertisement industry and about the viral effect of funny commercials.

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Sarvesh, a part time blogger with a passion for writing, who is currently providing Guest Posting Service. If you're looking for Guest Blogging Service then contact him.

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24 Opinions on “3 Things To Do To lose Out All Blogging Stress

  1. I prefer Watch Funny Videos and Shot Films on youtube and i feel this is the best way for me to get relaxed :)

  2. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts.now-a-days most blogger in stress about there sell or ranking,i think this is best 3 ways to lopse out all Blogging Stress

  3. Yeah, blogging can some times be stressful. Thanks for the tips, the funny video thing works out nicely however on the downside it kills a lot of time. Would also suggest to try hearing music on the computer while typing out some killer content and perhaps play some online games as well.

  4. You are right there. I always take a break to whenever I feel stressed. I like watching funny videos and movies.

  5. Nice article. But u missed one point here. Spending time with friends and relations too breaks our blogging stress…

    • Like i said to @Adeline that going out is the best Stress buster but doing it is quiet difficult :) so Watching Videos or reading ebooks or facebook is the best option left 😛

  6. James White (Mr. Macbook Pro) says:

    I love the Article Sarvesh. You are good in Writing and Link Building read many articles :)

  7. facebook is the biggest stress buster for me.

  8. Well I think one should get away from the PC. Forget about the video games, videos, Facebook, or ebooks. And you could chuck that phone too.
    Head off to the beach or park, or just take your dog for a walk or hang out with friends for an hour or so everyday. Of course, I don't do any of these but I keep telling myself that I must. :)

    • @Adeline Many of us think that going out is the best Stress buster but doing it is quiet difficult 😉 so Watching Videos or reading ebooks or facebook is the best option left 😛

  9. Taking a break when you need to is a bit of a habit now for me to relieved stress and it really helps a lot. Relax and take everything easy. Enjoy a stress free life everyone.

  10. First thing is good .. I use youtube for funny videos and sometimes watch movies online on other sites ..

  11. Great tips here although I have to ask, if someone is THAT stressed out over blogging, why do it? I am one of the folks who love to blog and I can’t imagine trying to continue doing something that brings out so much stress. If you need a blog for your business, hire it done. Or maybe you shouldn’t be a blogger? LOL Just my two cents . . .

    • Ha ha, yea Mikel. But remember 'stress' is common right? We get stress for everything, even for the things we love. Say "Games" for example, we love to play it for hours but still we get irritated, tired, and stressed. :)

  12. Good tips Sarvesh. One more tip – Taking a stroll or a brisk walk or a jog in the park is also a great stress buster as well as also helps you keep physically and mentally fit ! It's a must do for all, esp. those working in front of computers.

  13. It depends on the amount of stress that we are facing. If it gets way too much, maybe taking a break away from blogging isn't such a bad idea. It can definitely get worse is keep going at it and forcing the issue. Arranging some stuff to accommodate our readers while we're away is a must though.

    As for regular stress, I like your advice. Straying away from blogging a bit helps. We really should just try to enjoy it more.

  14. wow! Creativity on eggs is awesome. Thats very different from others. Expecting same creativity next time.

  15. My suggestion is to go for a drive instead sitting and watching videos in front our system !

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