Using Plenty Of Plugins On Your WordPress Blog?

plenty of pluginsIf you use plenty of plugins, say like more than 10 and still like to add more but controlled yourself as you have read somewhere written by Pro and Fellow Bloggers, that you should not use too many plugins, then continue reading this article. I basically help people in building their Blog to let their writing skills and selective domain skill improved a lot by making them stand in the shoe as a blogger.

Let me Start it by Sharing my Experience

Some try to obey the instruction I give at the time I complete building their platform to write and promote. And some cannot control themselves and install plenty of plugins after I give the login details to access the dashboard further.

In my experience I have seen blogs generating at least a decent 4 figure income (in USD) and they use Shared Web Hosting with some Quality Web Hosting Companies. They know Hosting is an important investment and they never look for cheap hosting companies, as there will be no proper backup systems or security in place.

Load more plugins to Take your Blog Down

It’s almost like killing your blog all by you own hand. Yes, loading plenty of plugins for several reasons and calling it, as Customizing is totally meaningless. Plugins are meant to do its task and limited does a great job. You must try to accomplish tasks by placing codes manually on index, template and sidebar files.

Less Number of Plugins keeps your Blog Young and Healthy

When you make your blog wear some less number of costume attachments and add-ons then it will show off great and sexy too, that in turn attracts more visitors easily. Ask yourself, do you love to visit a site that has so many features enabled from homepage, pages and posts or the site that looks simple and delivers some essential features?

Just look at HBB, do you see it’s overdressed or taking much time to load when you click on internal pages and links? Don’t you think HBB is sexy and I agree its HOT too. ;) (my compliments :P)

If you are helping your blog to be SLIM, then it will work 24×7 to serve your contents faster.

It’s not about the Plugins anymore, It’s about the Content

Visitors come to your weblog to enjoy reading the contents and the way you write. So spend more time on improving your Writing Skill and plenty of traffic can be pulled even if you write awesome contents on an HTML page. That will become more famous through Social Media today.

Thanks for your patience and time, and I believe you will try this out to see some positive results in coming days. All the best and Happy Blogging :) fellow bloggers.

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This article is written by Robin. He is a Tech Writer and owns DailyTUT Technology Blog.

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25 Opinions on “Using Plenty Of Plugins On Your WordPress Blog?

  1. Thank you man for this.. But I still don't understand which plugin should I remove, many months back I used to have 45-50 now I have 30 but I have went through them many times to find which plugin I should remove but found none that i can. And I hardly customize my blog with plugins I prefer code more then plugins.. It also give me more knowledge about codes.. ;)

    • Did you just say 45 to 50 ??? :D OMG !

      Seriously my eyes were about to drop out :P Bro..

      Its simple to choose which plugins you need. Just look at your website. The features that may add more weight or users wont use it much. Do a research of monthly once about the plugins you are using. How many are effectively used and simply sitting idle on your plugins list.

      That will be the best way to kill some plugins and free the space to let your pages load faster and better than now.

      I hope that helps.


  2. You are very much right in saying that a lot of plug-ins would bog down our blogs, many a times I have found that some of the functionalities of the blog won't work without deactivating certain plugins. But there are few essential plug-ins that our blogs can't live without. Good article Robin.

    • Thanks for your comment bro Eapen. True, that plugins do create some problems when we get upgrades for wordpress core and they stay in the DB still we removed it long back. We must carefully remove that table created also.


  3. I really don't understand why some people installing that many plugins. I have just 20 plugins on my blog and I think they are more than enough. Remove unnecessary plugins to make the web faster.

  4. Yea, installing more plugins is just like killing our blog.
    I always like to write code on my own :)
    Nice post Robinson.

  5. Hi Robinson,
    thanks for the post. I also think that too much plugins are killing the blog. Around 10-15 is more than enough to have. What attracts people to our blog is the quality of the content.

    • So true eleonaraeof, people stay more time and subscribe only because of the content. They just need a clean layout and readability focused design. Thanks for your comment.


  6. This is true fact that using too much plugin can easily pull down our blogs and takes extra space on our drives and Like Saket I too want to choose coding for my blog rather than using plugins.

  7. There are certain plugins that enable readers to identify new content easier. I guess we could have more of such plugins and do away with all those flashy ones that just have a decorative purpose. That reminds me that I need to delete unused plugins on my personal blog!

  8. Hey Robin,

    I think the article is good but the last point you could have added as" code manually instead of plugins" . Content ? I guess every blogger only wants to write as much as possible but they try plugins just to enhance that.

  9. I am shocked that plugins destroy the blog as i used to think that plugins will help the blog improve a lot.thanks for the valuable and an important information, keep posting such articles

  10. I use around 10-15 plugins for my blogs and mostly prefer to use my own code. You right, if our blog is slim, it serve content faster than your competitor.

    Nice post.

  11. Well, I don't think plugins slows down the blog. I am using 28 plugins and still my Google page score is 91. It's the quality of plugins that matters. If the plugins are well-coded, you can use many of them!

  12. I have a habit of overusing plug-ins in all of my blogs. Some of plug-ins are very useful. It is hard to stay only on couple of most important ones, but you are right visitors are there because of content.

  13. Number of Plugins, scripts, images are inversely proportional to the loading speed of the webpage ;) Nice post, Robinson.

  14. I think none should use more than 30 plugins at the same time. Better use codes. I'm trying to reduce the no of plugins in my blogs.

  15. Yeah… there are some plugins which consumes huge server resources, some of them are related post, cache, website grabber, etc., and also using too much plugins will crash the blog, if the plugin is not compatible with wordpress….

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