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7 Steps For Beginners To Make Money By Blogging

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Earn Money Blogging
It might sound bizarre but it is true; you can really earn good money by blogging.

How? That is obviously the million dollar question. In the following discussions we will try to highlight the most important aspects of making money by blogging.

Blog is Not Bad but Success Counts

It is not a bad idea starting a blog of your own and it can substantially reward you if it is successful. But to be successful; one has to follow a few basic steps; at least when he or she is a beginner in the trade.

Step 1 – Choose the Topic You Like Most

Blogging may be good but unless the topic is the one which is close to your heart, success will not be likely to come. Blogs can be personal; branding; or profit making. But the last one is the offshoot of the other two. Topics chosen should give benefits to the target audience.

Step 2 – Start with Personal Blogging

When you start with your favorite topic and personal blogging it will give you valuable experience and develop your expertise in the field of blogging. It is rightly said that experience has no match.

Step 3 – Branding Blog is Great Idea

If you are good at something and start a branding blog you will always like to update it adding information about your new expertise and all your blogs will revolve round your niche topic. Gradually you will be recognized online as an expert in the trade and advertisers will flock to your blog with offers.

Step 4 – Know Your Potential Competitors

Learning about the possible and potential competitors will help you blog in a manner to remain ahead of them both in terms of contents as well as quality. A good idea is to read as much as possible recent blogs written on the topic that will give an idea about the weakness in them which you can exploit in your blog with better contents.

Step 5 – Generating Target Keywords

The best way to find out general interests in your topic and possible advertisers would be using a couple of tools provide by Google like the Google Adwords keywords tool and Google Traffic estimator. With them you can generate best target keywords that will help get your blog high ranking on search engine result pages.

Step 6 – Selecting Best Paying Keywords

Once again by placement of the generated keywords on the Google Adwords you will be able to learn the keyword that offers highest pay per click revenue generation including the traffic data and it will help you concentrate on ideal keywords.

Step 7 – Set Up Your Blog for Hosting

Your blog starts getting traffic and generates revenue only when it is published on the web and for this you require a host. Good news is that many hosting sites are offering low cost hosting for new bloggers realizing that in the long run it is going to help them in more revenue generation through these affiliate blogging sites. Select a reliable and reputable web host who would cost you less and this can be done by comparing and contrasting the terms and conditions offered by each of the websites that comes in contact with you.

Don’t forget that for all these and ultimate success you need a custom blog theme unique in nature.

This article is written by Anup Kayastha. He has been blogging at Hack Tutors blog since 2009. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

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Anup Kayastha has been blogging at Hack Tutors blog since 2009. He provides unique blogger tricks and creates free professional Blogger templates.

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25 Opinions on “7 Steps For Beginners To Make Money By Blogging

  1. nice article Anup. This post allowed me to search your blog in detail and i loved it. may you get even more success :)

  2. Writing blog is the best way to earn online money but you will have make is success . Their is may rules are to follow in blogging . Thanks for sharing these tips Anup

  3. Hey Anup,
    "Making money by blogging" itself is quite a vast topic. I personally feel that finding the correct niche is the key to bloggers success. When you write and explore about things you love, success is bound to come your way!
    Thanks for the share!

  4. Nice article but nothing new. Same old points which you can easily find here and there.

  5. As the titles says "7 Steps For Beginners To Make Money By Blogging" but in whole post there is no point which mention how to make money. Points only tells you how to start a blog that's it. I was thinking there would be some points which tells reader how to make money.

    • i guess the main point of the article for newbie bloggers is to first set-up a blog that is geared toward success. when you have a successful blog, advertisers will start offering you incentives to write about their site.

  6. i am already am generating money from my blogs but it's still comparatively less than what most "veteran" bloggers earn. i still have to learn and take advantage of steps 5 & 6 but soon, who knows right?

    thanks for the tips. regards!

  7. Hi Anup Kayastha
    Thanks for these 7 steps. I appreciate your opinion when you say " But to be successful; one has to follow a few basic steps; at least when he or she is a beginner in the trade." Sometimes we get more results with basic steps than those so sophisticated tools.
    Keep good job

  8. Nice write up ! Loved the content and info. Keep it up

  9. Chose the correct topic at the right place. so, this is one of the great directions to attract the people. Thank you so much for sharing your blog post on here :) Great work on here :)

  10. John@ Commission Domination Review says:

    Excellent breakdown here Anup. Blogging is what I love to do. Love the note of following your passion and starting with personal blogging; so many advise it, so few do it. Glad I read your post!

  11. As per my experience, quality content is best thing to generate traffic and money from your blog

  12. Hey Anup,

    Thanks for the post, it is very useful to beginners like me. I appreciate your efforts and time you have invested in sharing this great information.

  13. where are the ways to make money blogging…………i think these are the ways to make a better blog…..and a more successfull blog….these are indirrect methods….but the title suggested some direct methods of earning…………..anyways….keep it up.

  14. For me choosing the topic that you like most is very important because it is easier to discuss things that you are familiar with. In that way, you can also share your expertise on a specific subject.

  15. Today, almost of the hosting sites are providing low cost hosting for newbie bloggers and it will be more useful to all the people in the wide :) Thanks a lot for given up here :)

  16. whoww.. thank you for for the 7 steps .. im creating a blog book and found out this steps are great .. will find stuff more about this ..

    Good luck for your blog mates.

  17. Branding blog is one of the good idea with the great support on here :) Thank you so much for sharing your post on here :)

  18. bilal@cheapdesignerhandbags says:


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  20. Excellent and very useful tips. Well said, “blog is not bad, but success counts”. Thanks for sharing !

  21. Really I inspired with your post. I like the way you presented all points here. I love this post and I read some posts of yours blog. It is really awesome. Keep on posting such a nice info.

    Thanks for helping others with your blog posts and tips you shared here. I try and follow the same with my own blog.

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