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5 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Friends Fast

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Facebook is a social networking site that has been sweeping the world by storm over the past several years. MySpace is a thing of the past now that most people have turned to Facebook as a way to keep up with their family and friends. This networking site is not just about socializing; it can also be a great networking tool for those that have a business. 

Facebook Friends

Many businesses have found that creating a Facebook page generates them more business. The only way to ensure that you have the business that you are looking for is by increasing the number of friends that you have on the site. Here are a few ways that you can increase your Facebook friends fast.

1. Utilize Facebook Widgets

Facebook widgets can be one of the easiest ways to add more friends to your page.  You can easily add your widget to your blog page or website. People will be able to easily click on your widget and find you. Knowing how to strategically place your widget is important. 

If it is not in a visible area on your site that receives a lot of traffic, then people may not be able to find it. You should put it in a spot that you are sure that your viewers will find it. In fact, letting them know that they can become a friend on Facebook is also a great idea. Guide them to the widget so that they will use it.

2. Send Out Email Invitations

Use your contact address book for your email. You will likely have a large list of people that you have talked with via email. You can invite them to become your friend on Facebook. You can also add a link to your page at the bottom of your email signature. 

This will encourage the people that you exchange emails with to add you as a friend.  The more people you email, the more likely you will get a lot of clicks to your page as well as a lot of new friends. You can even ask your other friends to promote your site to their friends. This is a great networking option.

3. Have Contests or Creative Polls

You can host a variety of contests for your Facebook friends. If you do this, then they will likely tell others about the contests and they will want to add you as a friend. 

If people see being your friend on Facebook as fun and exciting, then they are that much more likely to add you. Contests and polls can be fun, and many people are attracted to them.

4. Advertise Your Facebook Page

Facebook has a lot of different options when it comes to advertising. Put it this way, for a site to provide completely free services they have to be able to make up their money somewhere. 

You can often times have your page featured in certain geographical areas in order to get exposure. People will then click on your page and add you as a friend. This is something that you generally pay per click. Also engage in your Facebook pages and groups wisely.

5. Update Your Friends on a Regular Basis

Never forget about the people who are already your friend on Facebook. In order to preserve those friends, and not have to worry about people “unfriending” you, you should take the time to send out a regular update to your friends. 

You can do this easily and quickly. It does not have to be anything fancy. Just post a simple update every now and then so that they know you are active on your page.

Remember also that you to have a fast and always on Internet connection since if you are an avid Facebook user and are logged in all the time you will need and using a good amount of bandwidth. Fios deals and rebates are being offered to all new subscribers so there is no reason you cannot have an instant 24 hour Facebook connection.

This article is written by Mark. He is an Internet Marketer and blogger.

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23 Opinions on “5 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Friends Fast

  1. I agree with 'Update Your Friends on a Regular Basis' this could be the best and easy way in getting new friends + staying with them as most of the people will delete them who have never interacted since the day they become friend on fb.

  2. Having contest and creative polls really help to increase your facebook friends/fans. I have seen many bloggers are using this trick.

  3. Really nice points and anyone can easily achieve good number of friends if he/she follow them consistently.

  4. Nice tips man, A free giveaway for facebook fans can also do the job quite impressively 😀 Lets try with this top 5 points 😀 Thanks man.

  5. Great tips, let's increase our Facebook friends together! :)

  6. It's really great tips to all the face book user :) Great post Mark :)

  7. These are some nice ways, but sending too many request in a day could reflect facebook that you are spamming their site and you would face penalty as the result…

  8. Mohit Bumb says:

    Facebook is best social networking website now according to me

  9. Great tips. I always wanted to have lots of Facebook friends so that I could gain some traffic from it. Plus also in building up my Fan Page. Thanks

  10. Having contest and creative polls will help you get fans, but i doubt about friends

  11. Nice tips. Thanks for share it. Hope I will have a lot of friends soon

  12. That's really good advice. Integrating Facebook widget into one's blog can add more exposure for the Facebook fan page. Thanks for the useful tip

  13. Thats cool idea to add facebook widget into one's blog

  14. Well remaining active on facebook and making public profile visible attracts more friends

  15. For a brand new site and brand, I'm using a contest to build facebook fans and it seems to be working so far. Otherwise it can be hard to build fans unless they know you (or you offer them something in return).


  16. joining groups in facebook is probably a good idea too. Anyway, thanks for posting this blog.

  17. Pavan Ronysis says:

    yeah,it is really a good good suggestions to increase friends.By this,we can increase our friends in facebook and it is very best idea.

  18. Tesla Kuhn says:

    Hey ya’ll. Kindly ad me please? I’m on the Facebook as well. My name is Tesla Kuhn. And I like the Wizard of oZ

  19. It’s really great tips to all the face book user :) Great post Mark :)

  20. Hello Help me to Increase my Friends as well as yours.
    Send me friend Request:

  21. I just want more friends because I’m Lonley and sad need people to talk

  22. Great post. I’ll try these tips to traffic on my blog.

  23. I just want to know, how to add facebook friends form specific location, For example, If I have to add more facebook friends forn New Jersey USA, which will be the best practices. Please give me some suggestions , I would be very thankful to you !

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