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4 Best Pagination Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

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Do you want to have better pagination controls in your WordPress blog? Take a look at the bottom of your blog, you should see 2 hyperlinks respectively “Previous posts” and “Next posts”. These 2 hyperlinks let you navigate to your neighboring posts but as you can see they are very much limited. It would be better if you can display a more user friendly and better looking navigation system. In addition to increasing the user experience, it will also increase the SEO of your pages by providing more links to your older content. Use the following WordPress plugins to do just that!

#1 – WP-PageNavi

WP-PageNavi is by far one of the best WordPress pagination plugin. It lets you replace the default previous/next navigation with an advanced, numbered paging navigation. The paging is user friendly as it allows the user to go to a page much more quickly by just clicking on a page number.

If you are adventurous, you can customize the pagination further by changing the CSS file that comes with the plugin. This will allow you to make the pagination match your blog’s theme.


#2 – WP-Paginate

WP-Paginate is a simple but flexible plugin which enhances a WordPress blog’s page navigation system. This plugin is easy to install and setup, and the default settings works just fine.


#3 – Paginator

Paginator is a very unique pagination plugin. The look is ultra awesome and it is such a fun experience scrolling through, instead of clicking through the pages!


#4 – Ajax Pagination (Twitter Style)

You should get this Ajax Pagination plugin if you are a Twitter fan. This plugin replaces WordPress default pagination behavior to the Twitter style using Ajax functionality. As soon as you click on the “Read more” button, the Ajax feature kicks and paging info is retrieved behind the scene. The user experience is great as the paging info seems to be loaded seamlessly.


There you are, the 4 Best WordPress Pagination Plugins based on my own experience setting up and customizing WordPress blogs. Of course, there are a few other pagination plugins available but I have yet to try them. Perhaps some of them has their own specific features and advantages. We might look into these plugins in a future article.

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Do share with us what is your favorite pagination plugin in the comment below.

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27 Opinions on “4 Best Pagination Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

  1. Thanks for the plugin, currently iam using wp-page navi
    – i love the Paginator style. but never know its a plugin , until now.

    I hope it support my theme. 😉

  2. I m confused for which one of these should I use..Does your site sport any any of these Pagination plugins?


  3. Paginator is Good and sexy

  4. I myself like the Paginator as it looks pretty cool.

  5. for page navigation as i dont use any plugin….but from my side i wud like to use WP-pageNavi…it’s simple and good also…

  6. Paginator looks neat! Gonna try it out some day.

  7. Thats what I was searching. I will try it on my blog and let see which style works Good. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I use WP-PageNavi on my blog. It’s pretty compatible with every theme I have tested so far.

  9. Really fabulous and attractive plugin….Thanks for the share.

  10. Looks like WP-PageNavi is still the most popular pagination plugin. :)

  11. Rahul @ MazaKaro says:

    Jesmine, I was unknown to this facility. Thanks.

    I must choose one. Which one do you prefer most? I think Paginator is the best. It looks really unique.

  12. to tell the truth , these pagination plugins are helpful if yo have a forum type of blog … otherwise … people are happpy with next prev default pagination ..

    • You may be right but pagination does offers some advantages especially when it allows readers to quickly jump to a previous page/post. The plugin can be installed in a couple of minutes, so I think it is wise to have it on the blog. :)

      By the way, my latest hosting review is about a Malaysian based company, what do you think of this? Do you have anything to comment on?

  13. Thanks for posting this, I have not incorporated any pagination yet but I will now :) DO you know of any pagination for a blogger account too? Thanks in advance!

  14. i was looking for this. it looks nice and helps users navigate easily.

  15. WP-PageNavi’s the best. 😉

  16. Wp page navigation is so far the best..I tried paginator on one of my blog…and realize as a user experience its’ not that great…Though design ways it looks awesome..!!

  17. hi

    why is page-navi not working in fulwidth framework.?

  18. Pranav Jain says:

    Paginator Looks Good :)

  19. Initially I liked the paginator plugin but later on realize it looks good but not so good for user experience… I prefer keeping it simple with wp page navi plugin!! Thanks for useful resource.

  20. the Wp page navigation is soo best i tried it.. thnks for sharing the great info 😉

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