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5 Cool Greasemonkey Scripts For Facebook Users

Last updated on 21/06/2015 by | Short URL: http://hbb.me/1IWNyXC

Have you ever imagined that you can change the look of your Facebook profile. Also you can highlight the birthdays and change the colour of your profile. Also check 10 Cool Tricks For Facebook Users.

It sounds amazing as you can really do it now. Yes, these are possible with the help of Greasemonkey, a Mozilla Firefox extension. Greasemonkey is a Mozilla Firefox extension that allows users to install scripts that make on-the-fly changes to HTML web page content on the DOMContentLoaded event.

This happens immediately after it is loaded in the browser (also known as augmented browsing). You can also filter Facebook Updates. Enjoy such features it is recommended to use Greasemonkey and Mozilla Firefox browser. Here are some of the scripts which can really help you in enhancing your Facebook profile.

  • #1 – Facebook Image Enlarge: I use to get irritated when i had to strain my eyes and stare at a picture due to its size. Hence i wanted something that can enlarge the images. I googled for the same and found out this amazing script which you just need to install.
  • #2 – Highlight Birthdays: Many times i use to forget my friend’s birthdays though they were visible on Facebook. And this use to hurt me a lot as my friends started to fire me. Hence i looked for something which can highlight the birthdays in Facebook.
  • #3 – Enhance Facebook account: Got bored of that old same profile page. This script can actually help you in managing the facebook account and enhancing its features.
  • #4 – Facebook Wall Cleaner: Wow that will be so nice if I have an advertisement free facebook wall. People usually get irritated with crores of ads. .
  • #5 – Colour Changer: Usually everyone gets bored of the same color Facebook is providing hence here i found out a script  which can change the facebook color.

If you do not have Greasemonkey you can download the same from here.

This guest article is written by Prateek, owner of TheTechnoclub. If you wish to write a guest article here, check this.

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8 Opinions on “5 Cool Greasemonkey Scripts For Facebook Users

  1. Wow, So cool scripts. I am installing all the 5 greasemonkey script :) Thanks a lot

  2. Vinayak Nagri says:

    i am gonna install all of them

  3. Narendran.M says:

    Unfortunately I’m using Chrome browser :(. Yet another clean guest post for HBB, I’ll try to

    install Mozilla to try these features (Greasemonkey Scripts).

    Thanks for the share :)

    • Me too is using Google Chrome browser for surfing but for few websites i still use Firefox i guess just because of this kinda scripts i am using Forefox. I like the first one – Facebook Image Enlarge will install it soon. :)

  4. Great resource, Thanks for sharing dude.

  5. thanks for these cool scripts…I am using grease monkey from quite a long time..will surel try these scripts…..

  6. While the social site already has a great interface and several features, greasemonkey scripts allow users to modify and customize their own profile page

  7. Bereken gewicht says:

    Very interesting script! Thanks a lot. Immediately began with installing it!

    Love your work!

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