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Optimize Your WordPress Blog – Free SEO eBook

Last updated on 22/07/2012 by | Short URL: http://hbb.me/Y7gamm

Earlier I gave the link for downloading “Green Guide” – free eBook from Digit.

Now we are going to see another free SEO eBook and this one is provided by Kothapally Arun (ChoosyInfo). Appreciate him for giving this eBook free of cost.


SEO Book
This exclusive eBook will cover all the basic principles of WordPress blog optimization. All WordPress SEO guides you found online were nothing but bits and pieces scattered all web which needed painful process of digging it every time you encounter a problem. WordPress SEO Book is a definitive guide which would help all bloggers new to WordPress.

The tutorials in this book are written in a detailed version keeping newbies in mind. Download this Do It Yourself SEO book and be in charge of your blog SEO process.Do let me know your opinion about this eBook by dropping a comment below.

This eBook discusses about optimizing WordPress blogs which are self hosted that is wordpress.org blogs.

The topics in this book have been arranged in systematic manner such that even a person new to WordPress and SEO understands it. So begin with this book right now to learn techniques which only few webmasters follow and rule the search engine result pages right away.

Optimize Your WordPress Blog – Free SEO eBook – Download Here

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24 Opinions on “Optimize Your WordPress Blog – Free SEO eBook

  1. Appreciated and downloaded the book hope it will help me

  2. Thanks for reviewing my eBook in spite of your busy schedule Pradeep.

  3. Nice post man! thanks for sharing am about to read it lol!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sathish @ TechieMania says:

    One of the best WordPress SEO books, I have read. He written it in simple words, even a newbie to SEO can understand it.

  5. thank you for this great ebook. very lucid language is used.

  6. Ipod Touch 4 says:

    great studd downloading it now …. also you can share on document sharing sites like docstoc.. thanks

  7. Ipod Touch 4 says:

    Just a piece of advise , hosting such files on your server can draw huge bandwidth , and not suggested in shared hosting … btw its good , reading it …

  8. The free ebook ‘optimize your wordpress blog’ is a great resource for newbies and even advanced blogger who are looking to get the most out of their blogging efforts by optimizing their blog pages for search engines.

  9. read the book really nice and simple

  10. Sahil Kotak says:

    That’s great eBook and I really liked it. Thanks a lot for providing it. :)

  11. a to z wordpress optimizing tutorial… it worth reading it…

  12. Thanks a lot for the freebie! I’ll be sure to check this out soon and report back :)

  13. hey thanks for the book da, it helped me :)

  14. wow That Amazing , I will Read it Soon, But i find that WordPress blog Automatically optimized our Blog and even site , Lets me check and find out more what more new in this Book

  15. This was a very comprehensive guide. While I was familiar and utilizing most of the techniques, some of the sites mentioned were new to me, so thank you for that!

  16. Ucreatebd says:

    It’s help me so much. Thanks

  17. Nice book by Kothapally Arun. I got to learn some new SEO tricks by going through the book. Great Share. :-)

  18. You have done a great job on posting this article. This is very an informative post!

  19. it’s a good informative book….thanks for sharing it…:)

  20. Marcus Johnson says:

    This book might be so interesting..Let me download it now and comment further.. w*nk!

  21. Max Michael says:

    good information ,thanks

  22. Downloaded the ebook and will go through it. I hope it will help me doing some useful tricks to my wordpress blog.

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