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2 Easy Steps To Find Facebook Profile And Page ID

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We need to find Facebook profile and page ID for several occasions, even a small WordPress plugin needs it now. This guide will help you to find it easily. If you are using a custom username for your Facebook profile or page, then unique profile ID will not appear. You can enter custom username where profile ID may be required. Facebook Like Box and some other plugins require this unique ID.


Steps To Find Facebook Profile And Page ID

Below I mentioned two easy and simple steps to find the Facebook Profile or Page ID. In this tutorial, I have used Mozilla Firefox and it is recommended!

Locate Facebook Profile ID – Procedure

1. Go to that Facebook Profile/Page. [Mozilla Firefox]

2. Right click on the Profile/Page Image and choose ‘Properties’

Firefox - Properties

A dialog box named ‘Element Properties’ pops. In the element properties Dialog box, check the ‘Address’ under ‘Link Properties’.

The address will be similar to this :


Find Facebook Profile And Page ID

In this address URL, ‘137527299736’ is the page ID.

Alternate Method – Finding Facebook ID

If the above mentioned method didn’t work for you, then you can try this.

Use Facebook Graph API

You can use Facebook Graph API for detecting your ID. General format is :


Suppose if your username is “hellboundbloggers”, then it will be,


You will get the following details in JSON format. Here you can find the ID in the first line.

“id”: “1058521934”,
“name”: “Pradeep Kumar”,
“first_name”: “Pradeep”,
“last_name”: “Kumar”,
“link”: “https://www.facebook.com/hellboundbloggers”,
“username”: “hellboundbloggers”,
“gender”: “male”,
“locale”: “en_US”

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39 Opinions on “2 Easy Steps To Find Facebook Profile And Page ID

  1. Good Share ! Now its easy to find page id, even if v change the Profile id to Page name in url !!

  2. nice tip it will help many facebook users.

  3. Technolic says:

    Thanks for the tip now it would be easy to find out i knew first one but i didn’t knew the second one.

  4. That’s easy way to find ..
    Thanks for the share :)

  5. Nice! When FB got changed around, it took me awhile to figure out where to find my link… I couldn’t remember what it was LOL

  6. well it’s so simple… i messed up to find it…

  7. wow…nice tips….

    thanks for sharing……

  8. nice i use facebook regularly so this should help!!

  9. I think lots of Facebook users, we find this tip very useful and informative. I have a Facebook account but I am not all that active on it.

  10. Service Desk says:

    Does this work for non-firefox browsers? Anyway thanks for sharing this. :)

  11. Great tip, Pradeep. Now I can find out the page/profile ID of any FB user with so much ease :)

  12. universitysix says:

    so we can find anyone’s fb profile id… nice nice…..

  13. Nice tip, It is sometimes difficult to find what you want … Greetings!

  14. You simplified the searching :) thanks bro.

    – Robin

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  16. Thank's for your information…

  17. Thanks for the trick

  18. how to find a face book user name by E-mail address

  19. Can anyone plsss tell me how to get the email id of a facebook profile which is not in your friend list by using the profile id ??????
    Or by any other method ????
    Plllssssss……..its urgent

  20. Pinco Pallino says:

    This is wrong. This method doesn't work anymore.

    1) Like the page
    2) As brand fan page admin go with the mouse cursor over the like "People like this" and you see the Facebook Page ID.

    If you are not an admin ask to an admin to tell you the Facebook Page ID.

  21. Thanks for sharing this.The easiest way to find the profile id is by clicking on their photo album.

  22. SyafzMagz says:

    thanks… now I had able to found my facebook profile id.. :)

  23. In the URL of the brownser, change the "www" by the word "graph" <enter> to get de ID and other information of the facebook's object graph. 😉

  24. Now i found my page id by following your article steps ..

  25. There is no "Properties" option available.

  26. Thanks a lot for this wonderful post. Until I saw this I was wondering hard what to do.

  27. this doent work .since facebook changed,the properties option is not there………..but if u copy link location frm the "people like this" button,ull get it…………anywez,thanx to every one,yall help me out

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