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HOW TO: Download Facebook Videos In Three Easy Steps

Last updated on 21/06/2015 by | Short URL: http://hbb.me/1IWMDq6

Long back, I shared a tutorial for downloading HD Quality Youtube videos and we also shared how to download Facebook Albums easily.

Now I’m going to share another simple tutorial for downloading Facebook videos in three easy steps.

Working Procedure For Downloading :

#1 – Go to Facebook Video Downloader and enter the Facebook video link in the download box shown.

Video Link? How to get that?

It is really simple. Go to the specific Facebook video, right click on it and select “Copy link address”. [I used Mozilla Firefox here and it is recommended.]

Video Link

Example : http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=105596872793612

After getting the video link, paste it in the download box as show in the picture below.

Download FB Video link

#2 – Now click the “Download This Video” button and then the streaming video opens in a new window.

#3 – Right click the video and select “Save video as..”. Hurray! Now your desired Facebook video is downloaded.

Save FB Video

If you are a Facebook Addict, then these might be useful to you :

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48 Opinions on “HOW TO: Download Facebook Videos In Three Easy Steps

  1. You can also download facebook & youtube videos with IDM ( Internet Download Manager ).

  2. nice info , but these types of sites keep going down.

  3. easy steps but idm make work easier……

  4. I have been looking for this for so long and now I found it, thanks for sharing! If they developed a youtube downloader, why not for facebook videos right?

  5. Yea bro, more than these sites, IDM makes the work easier.. one of the famous youtube download vixy.net goes offline max..

    Nice post still :) cheers.

    – Robin

  6. This is awesome info,let me try these tips to download videos…

  7. this is a great tip…nice information

  8. Ram kumar says:

    simple tips …. easy to download . Thanks mate 😀

  9. techsputter says:

    good post will surely try it… <a> FORTY ALTERNATIVES TO GOOGLE ADSENSE </a>

  10. I’ve uploaded a video on FB once but not downloaded. I should try this simple tips.

  11. Simple trick man :-)

    Though you can easily download with video downloader addons or the flash addons.

  12. I had tried many times but Its not running on windows media player and VLC player

  13. Thanks for the tip! Easy and simple to download.

  14. www.ThePankajGupta.com says:

    Thank you for posting this easy way to download.. :)

  15. Thanks for tis tip. Easy way to download !

  16. I found an other site. Only 1 step to download facebook videos.


  17. is there a software for doing so?

    for me idm works sometimes only on facebook, i don’t know why…

  18. Worked until step #3. Quicktime opens FB video but won’t let me save. I changed default to windows media player but it still opens with quicktime. Wants me to buy Pro7 in order to save it. Any thoughts as to how to fix this? Thanks.

  19. Right clicking gives me 3 options: 1. About QT plugins 2. Pro-save as source (can’t do unless you buy Pro) and 3. Pro-save as QT movie (can’t do unless you buy). I went into the control panel and ensured MP4 was associated with windows media but QT still opens the FB video.

    Also, I tried going to File, but “save” is not an option. This is the video…. http://video.ak.fbcdn.net/video-ak-sf2p/v6812/10/28/1334914645830_6012.mp4

    I’m not computer savvy and have put off trying to download and save utube and FB videos due to what will sure to be disappointing and complicated…..but your site makes it so simple :) if only I can get this ……..

    Thanks for your help.

    • Sorry for the inconvenience Jan, meanwhile you can try this site. :)


      • Great, thanks for the updated link pradeep.. it can be a real hassle to keep up with these workarounds! But hey, better than nothing.. a Firefox addon would certainly help things.

    • I had the exact same issue and was having even less luck with other sites offering the same service. I found that it can work if you go through the steps you would normally go through and just change your saving method.

      Enter the video link on the site, click "Download" and then the "Download this video" button. Let the video generate in a new window and if you only get the Quick Time Pro options when you right click, then go to the internet browser File menu and select "Save Page As" – the page is an .mp4 so when you save it, it will save as an MP4 video. This was done in Mozilla Firefox.

  20. I tried this and it’s works. It’s really useful post. Thanks for sharing.

  21. This tip is not working. Bad

  22. gr8 wrk dude….

  23. abigail joy says:

    hello, where will I paste the link address? I mean, do you have any suggested sites where i can download it?

  24. Thank you for posting an easy tool but if i haven't got a streaming video recorder I will definitely use this facebook downloader.


    And is it can be used to record videos from other sites? Is it the facebook only?

  25. I use video download helper addon for firefox but some times it too stuck this another way can give easy access to download more video Thanks

  26. jus use orbit and grab the video..works like a charm

  27. Didn't work — because it was a quicktime video and it says I need quicktime pro (which costs money) to download it. Any one know of a free work around?

    • Quicktime video? Which browser you tried Rebecca?

      • firefox, latest version. video is on a facebook page. When I right click, it says I can download it, but only if I have quicktime pro — which I don't have, nor want to spend $30 for. I went so far as trying to view the source code, in an attempt to find where the actual video is, but couldn't find it with a quick scan. Was hoping there was an easier way.

  28. This is awesome info,let me try these tips to download videos…

  29. Does NOT work for “private” videos. USELESS for me, sorry!

  30. This works for me (with my videos on fb) but I’m trying to help a friend who posted her videos on her fb page and when we get to step 3, neither of us get an option to ‘save link as’ mpeg. I am able to use the same steps and successfully save on my computer — but when I use the same steps to save hers — I can’t get the option to save as a mpeg? Can only save ‘text’. Any thoughts?

  31. But this is not working :(

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