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25+ Free Awesome Thesis Skins That Don’t Suck

Last updated on 23/11/2015 by | Short URL: http://hbb.me/1IWMxyN

The Thesis WordPress Theme is the ultimate tool for building websites.

Earlier HellBound Bloggers was also powered by Thesis theme but, currently using a custom theme.

You can also design and customize Thesis theme by apply different skins. If you can spend some money, you can also try some premium Thesis skins. In this article I provided the best available free Thesis skins for the terrific Thesis WordPress Theme and Framework.

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1. Thesis Skin Words :


2. Minimal Skin :


3. Simplicity – Minimal Skin :


4. Cappuccino :


5. Thesis Bold :


6. Historic Theme :


7. Network News :


8. Mini Thesis :


9. Exhibit :


10. Affiliate Thesis Skin :


11. Bright Idea :


12. Simple Orange :


13. Ready Pro :


14. Neo classical :


15. Thesis Bare :


16. Fresh Company :


17. Straight Shooter :


18. Simple Life :


19. Thesis Sharp :


20. Bishop Photo Blog :


21. Min – Thesis :


22. Looks Good Naked Thesis :


23. Reputation :


24. Tweetish :


25. Dissertation :


26. By The Sea :


If you don’t own a Thesis Theme, don’t wait! Grab a copy of Thesis theme now!

Do you know any other free Thesis Skin? Please share it here!

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39 Opinions on “25+ Free Awesome Thesis Skins That Don’t Suck

  1. Ram kumar says:

    Wow i think i missed these :) thesis always rocks

  2. Yup! Thesis is the best theme for excellent SEO for blogs. Its proved. Thnx a lot for the list mate. Im planning to buy one :)

  3. Nice collections of of Thesis skin for wordpress blog, Neo classical is my favorite, I wise I have content that can fit it. Thanks for sharing it free.

  4. That’s a good resource for free thesis skins. What happened to your thesis theme? Did you remove it Pradeep?

  5. Are you using any plugin to watermark your images? Do add subscribe to comment plugin so I can check back my comments.

  6. Thanks for these skins. It provides me much information and new concepts for developing my new web. I havenโ€™t used all of them yet, but the ones which I used are damn helpful.

  7. All are Awesome theme, but I am not still using thesis theme.

  8. jashim uddin says:

    great collection. Thanx

  9. Hey Pradeep,

    Nice List bro. I think for paid one blogussion inspired theme is best.
    Thanks for sharing this great List.


  10. Cool collection of some great looking Thesis skins. I particularly like the Minima theme.

  11. Thanks for the collection. I think the Bishop Photo Blog theme is pretty sweet!

  12. iPad App Developer says:

    Liked the the skins but they don’t have many elements to work around. However all of them look really neat and remarkable.

    I have customized my own thesis them check at http://wiredcubes.com

    Gimme your opinion about my theme :-)

  13. liposuction says:

    I really like Ready Pro Just might use it.

  14. Tech Sputter says:

    We were about to change the theme of our site and we got some nice, cool themes from your share mate,thanks :-) :-)

  15. Really nice list but why you are back to your custom theme ? I guess you can have same kind of theme in thesis as well. Try your luck.

  16. Thanks for thinking Words doesn’t suck. :)

  17. I’m using simple life for my thesis theme, thank for your useful info

  18. awesome post dude!! like tweetish very much

  19. Wow Again You have come up with a Nice List :)

  20. Service Desk says:

    Great thesis skins, simple yet they make a statement. They also look business-y and clean. If you’re into the arts then go and don’t be afraid to use more colors and designs ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. Hi, i’m using one of skins above, and looks great for my blog, thank you 4 share.

  22. Thanks for your collection

  23. These are really nice free skins and I did not know about these free Thesis skins.
    I am using Swift theme for my blog.

  24. All free thesis themes SUCK!
    I don’t really see why people like thesis so much.

    • I absolutely agree with you. free thesis themes really suck. the best way to use a thesis is the tweak it ourselves and unleash the hidden power.But u cant disagree that the blogger has put efforts to collect these and compile it from various resources only for the readers! and it is commendable work indeed!

  25. Thanks for sharing the list of thesis skins

  26. Thanks for the useful list

  27. PriceMasterz says:

    I am looking for a theme that is exact like Blogussion thesis skin…do you know one

  28. Well have a look at this free thesis skin. A clean and minimal theme. Have a look http://letusbuzz.com/2011/03/free-giveaway-nonzero-blue-skin-for-thesis-theme/

  29. Thanks for share. also thanks for the tutorial. keep it up we need this because somany dont share these.

  30. Narayanan says:

    Is thesis themes are better than theme junkie ??? My Blog :- http://www.inets.in ! Theme Junkie has great themes for word press

  31. I wonder who would but this tweetish theme rest are fine with me.

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