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Why You Should Never Mass Follow Twitter Users

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The power of Social Media is something that most bloggers are beginning to experience. They can get you huge influx of traffic to your site and set up a good momentum with your email list building and affiliate sales. Twitter has exploded as one of the most powerful marketing tools that are available today. And most bloggers cannot get enough of Twitter! With the rising recognition of the fact that Twitter followers can in fact be a source of lot of money to be made everyone is trying to get as many followers as possible. There are many sites to make money with Twitter.



Along with this came the unhealthy obsession of mass following users (Learn why people unfollow). This trend is so negative that you are actually pulling yourself backward in your blogging career instead of moving forward. When you mass follow people, you are basically defeating the purpose of followers. On the internet today, there are a lot of sites which allows a person to mass follow thousands of users at a click of a button. The blogger is incorrectly motivated by the fact that by mass following users there will be a lot of follow-backs which will result in a huge number of followers.

But think again, do you really think that these users who follow you back give a damn about your tweets? In fact, many of the users in mass follow lists have set themselves to auto-follow back. This means when you follow them, they will automatically follow you back. They do not even see for themselves who they are following. Of course, many users who follow you may also be spam accounts. Mass following also results in users who are hardly related to your field or the niche topics that you tweet about.

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So have you not defeated the initial purpose of following? You mass followed users because you required followers who actually read your tweets and are interested about the links that you tweet. But when you mass follow, you follow users who hardly care about who follows them or who they follow back. All you end up is getting a lot of spam links on your Twitter homepage posted by the spam users you follow. You have affected yourself negatively and wasted a lot of time that yield no benefit. This is why you should prefer to go for natural growth of Twitter followers. Do not be obsessed with the number of followers you have. Having ten followers who genuinely follow you on Twitter is better than if you have a thousand followers who don’t read your tweets and simply spam. There are countless spam users on Twitter. Having a huge number of followers will not make you or your blog a social media power-house. But a huge number of followers who actually follow you can make your blogging career exponentially grow.

To achieve a natural growth in your Twitter followers, where real people read your tweets and visit your links you can promote your Twitter handle on your blog, on places where you guest post and on various other social networks like Facebook etc. But never be obsessed with mass following users.

This article is written by Vivek Krishnan. He is a young blogger, engineer and an entrepreneur. He maintains his own blog CollegeFallOut that provides advice and inspiration for internet entrepreneurs and their internet business. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

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Vivek Krishnan is a young blogger, engineer and an entrepreneur. He maintains his own blog CollegeFallOut that provides advice and inspiration for internet entrepreneurs and their internet business.

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28 Opinions on “Why You Should Never Mass Follow Twitter Users

  1. I get followers slowly by retweeting the articles across the blogosphere. I do follow back when people follow me in social networking sites. :)

    It seems like you have done a good research with Twitter :) Cheers bro.

    – Robin

  2. Unfortunately in the mad race to acquire followers I massed followed many people. This led to un-targetted followers and less number of retweets and less traffic to my blog.

  3. yeah i too followed lots of people madly. but now i will keep your tips in mind .

  4. Ram kumar says:

    yup . i followed madly . now removed unwanted friends

  5. I don’t have to follow them. But they automatically follow me :)

  6. Good to know this

  7. You are right. Mass following twitter doesn’t seem to pay as those followers are not the source of your traffic.

  8. Thanks Vivek, I think there is a service to remove unwanted followers.

  9. now twitter became very very smart,, it has limited the number of peoples we follow,, so even though we use mass follower bots, it is not possible to follow after 1000,,,

  10. Tech Sputter says:

    yup a good content mate, thanks for the share :-) :-) :-)

  11. Now twitter allows only to follow 2000 people and then we have to get followers in some ratio and then only we can follow.

  12. All the true protocols!
    I just follow baq if ny one follows me. But these days, its been the situation that, a person who is having more followers thinks he’s popular. We need to build-up the quality network, so that we should expect tweets that which matters us.
    Great article. Thnx for the tip :)

  13. Thanks for this post Vivek, lots webmaster and Twitter user dont know the important of natural followers in Twitter. This post will benefit lots of people who are always after mass followers in twitter and will enable us to know the important of natural growing twitter followers.

  14. Simplest reason why you shouldn’t do it – Because Twitter will SUSPEND your a/c! 😛

  15. […] recently made a guest post at Pradeep Kumar’s HellBoundBloggers. You can read it here. This post is simply a description on what was the experience that I had on making a guest post on […]

  16. Service Desk says:

    I also do retweeting and @s for others I follow so they can follow me back too. I also make sure that I post relevant information that needs to spread. I think mass following can also do harm sometimes because we would also follow unreal people on twitter.

  17. The points you mentioned are very true, I follow the same, but its not easy to gain followers without giving a follow back. As I see most of the twitter users with large no of followers except celebrities reached that large following with the follow back rule.

  18. this is cool blog as mine

  19. James Smith says:

    I’m sorry but this is a poorly thought out post. By mass following you gain attention of genuine followers, who might not of come across you before and might follow back if they like you. Like all other posters have mentioned they have mass followed and many other genuine people do, if your content is good they will not delete you, but in order for them to follow you, you need to be on on other peoples lists, which come from follows and follow backs. you can filter spam with the use of lists, to make sure your feed only gives you quality content. I think the key is having good quality content which gets retweeted so you continue to gain followers. Mass following can be targeted to follow people that are your direct target group.

  20. Genuine Twitter User’s should be preferred

  21. Sometimes Follow8ing Mass People on Twitter may result in more traffic towards a website

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