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25 Basic Tips To Get Google Sitelinks

Last updated on 25/12/2010 by | Short URL: http://hbb.me/12JIHpM

I compiled these tips only after discussing with SEO gurus and experienced bloggers. I also added some points which I thought will be valuable.

Before some months, I applied some of these tips and we got Google Sitelinks within weeks.

Remember, Google wants your site to be clean and tidy. Sitelinks are mostly determined by the internal architecture of your website.

HB Sitelinks

1. Submit Site’s URL : The first and foremost step is to submit your site’s URL to Google and as many search engines as possible.

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2. Google Webmaster : Use Google Webmaster Tools. It helps you to improve and understand your site, connect with visitors, and find answers to crawling. You can also check many SEO related issues about your site here.

3. Remove Broken Links : If you are using a WordPress blog, you can try Broken Link Checker plugin or you can even try Google Webmaster. Removing broken links helps a lot.

4. HTML Errors : Since Google wants your site to be clean and tidy, you should remove all the HTML error tags and codes. You can try W3C HTML Validation Service.

5. CSS Errors : Similarly for CSS errors remove all the error codes. To check and validate the errors you can try the W3C CSS Validation Service.

6. SEO Is Important! : Your blog should have good keywords, title and meta description. If you own a WordPress blog, you can try All-in-one-SEO-pack or if you use Thesis theme you will have in-built SEO pack.

7. Number Of Articles : Unless your blog has some articles it is impossible to get sitelinks. Your blog should have atleast 3-5 pages and 10-15 posts.

8. Good PageRank : If your blog has good number of backlinks and PageRank then it will easily get sitelinks. It creates a good impression.

9. Internal Linking : Interlink your blog’s articles. It also helps to increase page views and makes your readers to stay on your blog longer.

10. Permalink Redirect : You can try Permalink Redirect Plugin if you want to check the current URL against the permalink WordPress has defined for the post, page or category you’re in, and redirects to that permalink if they don’t match.

11. Blogspot or WordPress : Both WordPress and Blogspot platforms are well optimized, but Google mostly prefers Blogspot Blogs over WordPress blogs.

12. SE Traffic : If you get lot of traffic from search engines your blog will surely get familiar and it will be easy for getting sitelinks. Your blog should have High click through rates. You can even optimize your blog images for search engines.

13. Flow Of Traffic : Your blog should have a consistent flow of traffic to get Google Sitelinks. If the traffic sources are from Search Engines, then you are lucky.

14. Blog’s Age : Some experts say a blog should be atleast one year old in order to get sitelinks, but I don’t think that is true. HB got within 7-8 months and some blogs got sitelinks even within 4-5 months.

15. Searches and Clicks : The no. of searches and the no. of clicks that your blog gets for a certain keyword will also be considered. Your blog should also get many clicks for the searched keyword.

16. Good and Simple Navigation : Your blog should have good and simple navigation system. Try to have a <ul> and <li> list of links at the top for your blog. Put the navigation links in these tags. They also consider title tags of the pages.

17. Quality Content : If you are updating your blog with quality content on a regular basis you will surely get sitelinks.

18. Categories and Tags : Your blog’s sitelinks may also be a category page or a tag page. So always keep related category and tags for your articles.

19. Avoid JS and Images : Keeping JavaScript and Images on the navigation menu/labels may prevent your blog from getting sitelinks.

20. Link Bait : If you want an article, a page or even a category page to get featured on the sitelinks, it should be linked most from other websites. It should have inbound links from high quality sites.

21. Homepage Links : Try to have around 4-8 links on your home page that points directly to the articles and pages you want to show up in site links. Make sure you keep a good and brief anchor text for them.

22. Sitemap : This is a MUST for every blog. Keep a clean sitemap and include all the links displayed on your homepage in the sitemap. Make sure they are indexed and submit the sitemap in Google webmaster tool.

23. Well Structured : Your blog should be well structured so that it will be easy for the Search Engine bots to identify your blog’s theme.

24. OnSite Linking : Suppose if you want to make a post as a sitelink then you have to make a lot of posts linked to that post.

25. Reconsider Your Site : If you didn’t get sitelinks even after applying these tips, you can request Google to reconsider your site. You have a option like this in Google Webmaster. You can try that. All you need to do is to write a convincing note to Google.

From Google : Sitelinks are completely automated, and we show them only if we think they’ll be useful to the user. If your site’s structure doesn’t allow our algorithms to find good sitelinks, or we don’t think that the sitelinks are relevant to the user’s query, we won’t show them. However, we are always working to improve how we find and display sitelinks.

If you understand Google’s algorithm, you can master the sitelinks! 😉

If you have any other tips, please mention it in the comments!


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94 Opinions on “25 Basic Tips To Get Google Sitelinks

  1. Hope your tips will help me to gain more site links :) Thanks again for the tips.

  2. RGC Media says:

    Great article and some really useful tips you have compiled here – many thanks!
    .-= RGC Media's last blog…<a href="http://www.rgc-media.com/google-buzz-why-2">Google Buzz, why?</a> =-.

  3. Wow man , congrats for your Sitelinks man , hope to gain sitelinks for my blog too 😛
    i have a question , does alexa rank should be in top 100,000 for any blog/site to gain backlinks ?

  4. I wouldn’t try too hard to get sitelinks :) However, if you have to get them, all that you need to do is to write more than two articles on a particular topic (e.g. facebook) and have those keywords appear in those post titles. This is what I was told by some experts :)

    • Well these days you get sitelinks if your site older than 3 months in most of the cases. I always wonder how sitelinks really benefits you unless you have a keyword based domain!

  5. Tech Sputter says:

    Man where do u get all these stuffs… Its really a great post dude…
    .-= Tech Sputter's last blog…<a href="http://www.techsputter.com/ethical-hacking/hack-into-windows-xp-without-changing-the-password/">Hack into Windows Xp without changing the password…</a> =-.

  6. Siddharth says:

    Nice Share . Some other factors also affects and they are

    Specific product
    Alexa and yahoo ranks
    Site activity on twitter and other social networks

    It is best if you have google friend connect .

  7. ipad accessories list says:

    I want to have back-links for my site.

    I builds reputation and gives and image as a blog with authority. Agree with you on all the said factors.

    I feel site structure and clean code are very important for this.
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  8. Free SEO Tools says:

    Great post, it is very helpful to me.Thanks

  9. Well i don’t worry so much about getting backlinks…
    .-= Simrandeep’s last blog…Is The Hosting Company Reliable Or Not! How To Find Out? =-.

  10. I have all the qualities you said in this post.. but one thing..

    When i checked my blog for HTML and CSS error i have about 152 errors and 20 warnings ..???

    what to do know ????

    please help me …..
    .-= sudharsan @ technoskillonline’s last blog…Badjuju just happened !? – Commentluv Problem solved =-.

  11. Ram kumar says:

    ya. a very nice post…i like post article like these :)

  12. Sandeep Singh says:

    Pradeep you always come up with something very useful to me !! I was just facing this problem !!! thanks mate

  13. Good tips Pradeep! But, to be very frank, these are just SEO tips, but if you get a lot of traffic to any single page or post, then you have a greater chance of getting a sitelink for that page. I know you have mentioned this in the #15th point.
    .-= Rohit Sane’s last blog…How to use Twitter as a keyword research tool? =-.

  14. I think google prepare automatic site link for our sites or blog if they think so. Well thanks for the information.
    .-= chandan’s last blog…New programs at google home affiliate network-March 9, 2010 =-.

  15. You have discussed a very important issue here… getting sitelinks surely gonna boost blogs brandname.. it looks amazing when u see u have a fatter search results with links and stuff in the search result.. the person can identify this particular site is trust worthy
    .-= Chethan’s last blog…Is downloading through BitTorrent safe? =-.

  16. I have never understood Google’s algorithms. :-)
    However, it is always a good idea to follow the tips you mentioned. I’ve been doing a lot of readings about SEO and find some useful, but others not.
    .-= Marlene’s last blog…She Will Be Missed =-.

  17. great article and tips,,,i have done a few of them..now let me see how long it takes for mine to appear.
    .-= mk akan's last blog…Great Posts From Other Blogs =-.

  18. That’s glad to hear such a cool tips.

  19. Surender Sharma says:

    As you mentioned here 25 points are really useful get indexed into Google with site links.
    Google links are important part of the site popularity after Alexa.If your site is indexed properly without any coding errors ,the chances are high to get site links visible in the Google search result.

  20. Top tips, use Google Web master tool is a good option.
    .-= Anish K.S’s last blog…Win a trip to the Malaysian F1 Grand Prix with AVG Technologies =-.

  21. The topic is really well written with so much to learn for people who are new into blogging.Until the blog gets authority over a subject then it is very hard to get a sitelink.

    But in reality it is just a pride issue. Because what would be the good chance that a stranger would type in a website’s name in order to get an unknown website 😉

    Hope you get it 😀
    .-= NpXp’s last blog…5 Best Free WordPress Themes Website =-.

  22. Excellent article, I am going to implement as many of these tips as I can. I really never knew how websites got Google sitelinks. Very cool, first article I’ve ever read about this topic.
    .-= Mathew Day’s last blog…XHeader Pro New Release – FREE Header Graphics Software =-.

  23. Riju@Search Engine Marketing says:

    Point No. 11…not necessarily …Wordpress hosted on your own is the best option…why earn resources for a giant…keep all to ur self :P…
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  24. One of the Best articles I have even seen on web. Really a great one mate. Loved it.

  25. Hey,
    Nice collection of tips. Not too sure if there are any blogs that will be 100% error free when you validate them for CSS and HTML errors. Not all themes are CSS-Compliant and these blogs are bound to throw some errors.
    The impact of CSS and HTML compliance on getting your blogs indexed or, getting site links is not that much, so even if you see some errors, that should not affect your chances of getting sitelinks.
    .-= R kumar’s last blog…Earning Extra Money Online By Using Work From Home Systems =-.

  26. Ram kumar says:

    such a cool tips.
    .-= Ram kumar’s last blog…Eye-ball controlled headset =-.

  27. This is an exhaustive list of tips to get one’s site/blog get site link from Google. Incidentally, http://TechChunks.com has received site link just a couple of days back. :)
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  28. Incredibly confuse right off the bat. I've heard countless times, many from supposed gurus and experts, to NOT straight submit to search engines. let them find you on there own was/is the proper way.
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  29. Rahul Malik says:

    Great Tips Man…Thanks
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  30. great post bro
    thanks for sharing ;P
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  31. Read the whole thing a couple of times but still blurr. Need to drop by again to digest properly.
    Those wording appear in your sitelinks, do you put them in labels, tags or category in your coding, CSS or anything like that?

    Any clue how google pick up what wordings to be use as sitelinks.

    Thanks for the great lists. :)

  32. Kashish Kaushik says:

    Super Man! Excellent!

    You’re Becoming an SEO Guru Buddy!

  33. Nice post. You included all the things that might helps in getting sitelink here. According to me backlinks, page rank and site age matters most.

  34. Jenny Davis says:

    So useful tips, indeed. These are very basic and very easy to follow and understand. Thanks a lot for this article. It sure will help me out as well as my friends. Keep it up!

  35. great list.. your website has this great structure and it resembles mashable(dot)com..

  36. Thanks a lot Pradeep

    Really a nice Share 😀

  37. Good post, I really hope that one of these days I get site links! Fingers crossed!

  38. Excellent Tips, this was one of the most informative post regarding SiteLinks i’ve found so far.

    – Thank you

  39. Sites which have sitelinks in google are considered more important by google. Nice post to help people trying to get their blog or website to that next level.

  40. Does having a Discussion board helps getting some sitelinks?

  41. Very informative. I have just launched my website and I have been posting quality original contents. I honestly thought that in getting sitelinks, I have to wait a year. But thanks to this article. You can get sitelinks within 4 month and not bad.

  42. Awesome tips! I will have to implement these to get sitelinks for my site.

    • 1stblogger says:

      if you get a lot of traffic to any single page or post, then you have a greater chance of getting a sitelink for that page

  43. Diseño Web Barcelona says:

    Great tips!
    I will try to follow them!
    Thanks for sharing

  44. These are some of the great points, get sitelinks today and pretty happy to see them :)

  45. Brilliant writeup – a number of tips you mention i came up with too … basically as rule of thumb … perfect your seo and have a well structured website navigation.

  46. nice post bro, im following your blog ya :)

    keep up your work helloboundbloggers

  47. Nice tutorial about google sitelinks…great explanation…Thanks for Sharing….

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  49. "Unless your blog has some articles it is impossible to get sitelinks"

    I know plenty of none-blog sites that have sitelinks.

    Otherwise this article has some useful tips that I'll be trying out.

  50. Me parecen una serie de tips muy atinados.
    Creo ademas, que generar sitelinks es el deseo de todos los que estamos en la web de una u otra forma (y sabemos lo que son, claro está).

    El problema es que a pesar de cumplir con todo eso, a veces Google nos sigue ignorando, y creo que es por una razón: si no sube el nivel de requerimientos, sus resultados podrían tener 4 o 5 sites con sitelinks por página, y sería muy desordenado y molesto visualmente. Entonces se ven obligados a subir la vara. Es una teoria al menos…

    • Translated by Admin – Spanish to English :

      I look like a very thoughtful series of tips.
      I also believe that generating Sitelinks is the desire of all of us on the web one way or another (and we know what they are, of course).

      The problem is that despite meeting with all of that, sometimes Google continues to ignore us, and I think that's one thing if it raises the level of requirements, the results could have 4 or 5 sites with Sitelinks per page, and would visually very messy and annoying. Then they are forced to climb the pole. It is a theory at least …

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  53. Those were really useful tips. Adding to that, the theme/template plays an important role.

  54. Sitelinks are important in order to get more traffic.
    Those tips will help me achieve it for my site.

  55. Usefull information. I hope i will get those sitelinks once for my website. Thanks for sharing this article with all. Great post.

  56. Ray@howtomakeownsolarcell.com says:

    Very good tips here. I am just starting out and creating my site and these pointers would be helpful.

  57. These are awesome tips, hope I will get my site links soon on Google

  58. Hassan Jawad says:

    Very Nice info , i Really Like Your Post anyways thanks for posting

  59. How i wish i can master the google algorithm so i can share it to other newbies. Still, i didnt optimze my site well. I dont know where to start.

  60. El peso ideal says:

    Nice! Very useful! Why are blogspots ranked higher in comparison too wordpress blogs?

  61. Why is it that even Google has issues with W3C HTML validation > 37 Errors, 2 warning(s) ?

  62. Erasmo - nc electric says:

    Thank you that really help me… I get backlinks instantly when google indexed my posts so i don't think it take month.

  63. Great read, thank you! :)

  64. wooow, itz amazing. because, your idea very perfect. im searching how to get sitelink and try to tips.
    Thanks your sharing

  65. thanks for these wonderfull and helpfull tips hope i’ll get  my sitelinks very soon

  66. Is this post still relieable due to getting site links?

  67. Nice tips!! I will work hard on them to get sitelinks for my site.

  68. Great article to get more clicks form google search results. Google site links help to look different from other google organic search results .

  69. Just my blog, hopefully I can get sitelink of tips that you write. I say many thanks

  70. thanks for the tips on how to get sitelinks for my site.I got site links for my site but now t doesn’t have sitelinks..so i will follow your tips…thanks and will come for more.

  71. I will follow all the mentioned steps as i want BleepingTech to get site links.Although its just 1 – 2 months old, still i will try my best :)

  72. Hey plz help me i have a .in Domain and I have very Good Traffic And Very Good Alexa Rank but Someone has registered a .com domain with the Same name…And he has no traffic and Alexa rank but he has Good pagerank….So he has Sitelinks Plz Help…

  73. Yes, very nice tips! I imagine this will provide me with more sleepless nights trying to figure out the ways of Google. Thanks for your help.

  74. I suspect no 16 is key. Our navmenu currently is not ul and li tags but tr and td. So maybe we will have to play the Googly, because they sure as hell won’t play our ball. Will update if the change works…

  75. I’ve tried all this stuff and no sitelinks after about 4 months. I guess It’s just one of those things that I need to just sit and wait for.

  76. Hello Pradeep plz help me how i can increase my visitors i have very less visitor in my blog

  77. Hello Pradeep i ask one more thing that if i change my blogspot domain to .com can it help me to increase my blog visitor

  78. If i change my blogspot domain to .com can it help me to increase my blog visitor

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