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5 Ways To Show Related Posts On Your Blog

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Displaying related posts and pages is one of the great ways to help your visitors stay longer on your blog/site and it also helps your blog to have good page views.

In this article I’m going to mention 5 cool ways to show related articles on your WordPress blog.

Bloggers from Blogspot platform can try Link Within widget and Google Related Links.

If you know any other cool way for showing related posts please share it in the comment! 😉

Related Posts

1. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin : Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) gives you a list of posts and/or pages related to the current post. It gives your reader other relevant content on your site. YARPP uses an advanced and versatile algorithm. HellBound Bloggers is currently using YARRP.

To Show Thumbnails : Display Thumbnails For Related Posts in WordPress

2. WP Thumbie : Entire Wp-Thumbie Plugin is based on Contextual Related Post plugin. Wp-Thumbie is a WordPress Plugin to Display Thumbnail Related Posts on WordPress blog. The advantage of this plugin is that it allows us to do customization and it doesn’t use any custom field to generate thumbnail images.

3. Link Within Widget : LinkWithin is a related posts widget that displays post with photo thumbnails indeed. Related posts in the sense we always heard about the posts related to each story in words. But this one shows that with pictures. Related Posts in this manner will let your pageviews increase, it will keep your readers engaged with your blog. This widget is free and ad-free. No Signup Required.

4. Without Plugins : This method is quite different because we are not going to use a plugin here. In this method, we will use tags and a custom code to show related posts. So we are replacing plugin with codes. You can check the tutorial from WP Recipes for configuring it.

5. Google Related Links : Last but not least, Google Related Links is a tool to help webmasters increase page views on their sites. Related Links also suggests searches that users can run within your site to find even more related pages.

Unfortunately, currently only invited users can use Related Links. To apply for an invitation, you have to send an email to relatedlinks@google.com stating your Gmail address, website domains and approximate pageviews per day. However you can try the Demo to create sample related links for one of your web pages.

Tutorial To Configure : Use Google Related Links To Display Related Articles In Your Blog

So which one you are using currently? 😉

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81 Opinions on “5 Ways To Show Related Posts On Your Blog

  1. My personal Favs are
    1. Yarpp
    2. Wp-thumbie (But I believe it initiate lots of process, coz of thumbnails)
    3. Linkwithin (Specially for Blogspot blogs but downside is it doesn’t give SEO benefits )

  2. Its a good thing to display related post in our blog. This provides readers more information. I am using YARPP.. I will give a try to other plugins you mentioned above friend.

  3. I guess better plugin is from rob marsh which supports thumbnails and many more features. None of d above plugin allows you to put the widget on sidebar.

  4. East or West YARPP is the Best!

  5. i am using YARPP, and i think it is best plugin

  6. I think YARPPP is the best. Currently I’m testing wordpress related posts plugin

  7. I didn’t assume that there are so many ways to display the related posts man.

    But, I love LinkWithin plugin. It usually increases my site’s pageviews which is a plus πŸ˜‰

  8. I used YARPP for my new blog. It’s best so far according to me, better contextuality and options. Not given others a try yet. But Google Related Links seems interesting, applied for an invite. :)

  9. internetten para kazanma says:

    I’m using WP Thumbie. I also recommend it to everyone. It’s very useful.

  10. Anne @ b6s.net says:

    I’m not using any of these at the moment. I’m waiting for my blog to have more posts in the reservoir first :)

  11. I am using YARP Plugin but thanks to you, I may change it to WP Thumbie and Without Plugin. You’re really resourceful. :-)

    • marlene , i suggest you not use the wpthumbie. i checked once its good but the title comes with post first few lines and it take so much space in vertical order. link within or YARRP is good
      another reason is if you made some change in single.php then it may affect the page layout.

  12. Nice Update I use Java Code same as You have told in 4th point.

  13. Im using Wp-Thumbie and im fully satisfied with it.

  14. Right now i am using Link Within for my TeluguWave blog

  15. thanks for the list. and my suggestion is to stick with Link within widget : you dont have to any thing , just install it. but before choosing the the no. of rows depends on your page content width.
    and if you want to customize the related post with thumnail than YARPP is good compare to others. but it will take the original document sie you use for post thumbnail . so upload a 125pz image which will be good to show in the post content area, if you are using custom field then edit the Yarrp template files and change the custome filed text. and you get a good thumbnail

  16. nice list of related post plugin, am using one of them, i guess the yet another one. Never knew about the google’s related link thing, will apply for an invitation soon, thanks for sharing :)

  17. right now I m using Wp-Thumbie and it works great.. :)

  18. Isaac | GoBlogger says:

    The plugins seem nice, but the manual way is too much hassle for me. I’m going to check the WP thumbie, it sounds interesting. Right now I haven’t used any related post plugin. But if I meet a nice one that I really like, I’ll use it. Cheers :-)

  19. I’ll be trying out this one since I’ll be renewing my blog’s theme after new year…. And of course related posts enriches internal linking toooooO!!!!!

  20. I applied for Google Related Links after reading this post and they approved immediately. Thanks for the info. I will test it and let you all know.

  21. Hey, I really liked your post, I usually make a related post and manually manage the links on a regular basis. Certainly take a very long time if you make it one by one on each post. Thanks for the info.

    Hot Tub Reviews

  22. BT, is the WP plugins can be used to blog using joomla or blogspot?

    • You can use LinkWithin and Google Related Links on other platforms.. :)

      • Well, thank you for your tips bro…I try it yesterday and it’s working. Hmmm do you think this is good for SEO benefits. I have a problem with SEO, I don’t understand about it… Do you have any sugesstion for me Pradeep? Any way thanks for your good articles here, very helfpfull for me….keep going! :)

        • Thanks buddy! And showing Related Posts won’t add much to SEO, but it makes your visitors to stay longer on your site and helps to increase the page views.. πŸ˜‰

  23. Hmmm very well desribed Pradeep :) :)
    I am tweaking my theme everyday , so i would like to add one among these plugin also :) :) :)

  24. I’m using Yet Another Related Posts Plugin…But with thumbnails…It works great on my blog =)

  25. sakthikumaran says:

    Hi i am using wp-thumbie. it is very nice plugin for related post. it is automatically detect thumpnail image in our post. i like wp-thumpie..

  26. hello therre !

  27. I am using blogger blog, by default blogger do not show the related post, but I am using one customized template which show the related post.

  28. Fatin Pauzi says:

    Thanks, Pradeep. I just try them. :)

  29. Ann @ How To Make A Website says:

    I am using one that is not listed Similar Posts, it’s okay. Also several of the newer themes these days have it built in so no plugin is needed!

  30. I see… BTW how long you build your blog, I mean http://www.hellboundbloggers.com
    I can see that your blog have 365.5639 traffic rank from Alexa… wow I think that’s great :) Is there tips “how to rocket your traffic rank” in your blog or may be you have any resources? Ok, thanks again dude :)

    • My Blog is 8-9 months old mate.. :)

      And you check this article for improving your blog’s Alexa Rank,


      But don’t concentrate on Alexa Rank alone. Google PageRank and Technorati rank are more important than Alexa! πŸ˜‰

      • oh.. thanks mate
        My blog is about 3 months… and I have 10.487.454 traffic rank from Alexa… very disappointing :( it’s seems I must working hard here LOL Anyway thanks for the links… I really appreciate it

        • @ manurung dont be disappointment. at first i was too. you know when i started my blog, i dont know about sharing and spreading articles and social networking, i was inspired by some very few blog, and i started, now friends like this (sam) i got an encouragement. so read this blog and visit the old post. you can get a better idea. i do learn many things from here also. πŸ˜€
          in 2 month i got PG3 after blogging and 5 days before i got PG4 and my alexa rank come to 93,444 and but still i dont have many RSS subscribers and daily page views. my graph is like high peak mountains( westrnghats) up – down . but i never give up. and i should make a flat path in that mountain top, never ill get down from the mountains πŸ˜†

  31. I am Using “Yet Another Related Posts Plugin “.

  32. YARRP is my fav. , i have used WPThumbie for sometime , rest i have not given a try. I will surely give them a try.
    Thanks for sharing.

  33. Cool different options here.
    First I was using YARRP Plugin now I’m using by a non-plugin method by WPPanda πŸ˜‰

  34. Student jobs says:

    i am using wp-related posts plugin to show related posts in my blog

  35. Thanks for the info! this is all new for me and it really help me to understand a little more how it works.

  36. I am using YARRP. I have question Pradeep.

    How can I remove that link below the posts which says “Related posts brought to you by Yet Another Related Posts Plugin.”?? I mean, which file to edit?

  37. NEPAL BLOG says:

    hurry Up lets read and Apply for Your blog

  38. useful and informative article… thanks to share.. I am a newbie in wordpress so this post would help me a lot..

    thanks again

  39. thanks for your information you have given the step by step and easy method by which anybody get advantage from this trick especially this may be very useful for the SEO peoples.

  40. Thanks for sharing the information……

  41. well written observation… we all found these all day in different blogs and you have compiled them all at one place :) good go

  42. orkut scraps says:

    wonderfull tips…very usefull

  43. Sandeep Singh says:

    I am using Yet Another Related Posts Plugin and its great

  44. Rome Hotels says:

    The points you have suggested are good. It is a good idea to show the other related post in the one post so that the user will know about the other posts. Thanks for this nice post.
    .-= Rome Hotels’s last undefined…Response cached until Tue 23 @ 18:59 GMT (Refreshes in 2.86 Hours) =-.

  45. YARP is best for mee
    .-= Dev | Technshare's last blog…<a href="http://www.technshare.com/tips-to-increase-page-rank/">8 Tips to Increase your Google Page Rank</a> =-.

  46. Sandeep Singh says:

    I have been YRAPP !! thats good with the thumbnail option
    .-= Sandeep Singh's last blog…INDIA LOSES SANIA =-.

  47. Nice post mate. I have used all the above mentioned plugins in my blog in the past.

  48. Nice commentluv blog, but it does not detect my latest blog post. Maybe it’s too choosy about blogsites and websites to enable commentluv commenting.

  49. I really wish i installed any of these plugins much earlier. I installed linkwithin a week ago and my traffic and adsense clicks tippled. Had troubles at first to make so it doesn’t appear on homepage because it wouldn’t work well with my template, but i found some tutorial how to fix that. Thumbs up :)

  50. guys guys anyone has tried google related links??

  51. I just love YARPP it is my favourite relate posts plugin of them all, although I did notice on one of my sites which has approach 1000 blog posts that it is starting to slow the site down a little too much and so i may have to remove it. But it has served me well to date.

  52. google related links really confuses me.
    and what really confuses me is that when i type google it shows a typo error, but instead i if i type goo it doesn’t show any.

  53. Hi

    Thanks for this post

  54. Vinayak Nagri says:

    Hmm… according to the comments YARRP is the best, I didn’t had any related posts plugin but I will install YARRP.

    • Definitely YARRP is a wise choice when it comes to WordPress because YARRP calculate the best possible related posts, which is always good for a healthy post.

  55. Excellent idea.Thank you for the five ways show related to your post you are mentioned.Actually we are not using of it,but i want to try the LinkWithin.Its sound so good.

  56. good tips and right way to show related blogs on the page.

  57. I like YARPP plugin, but this plugin have use resource high RAM server :(

  58. I always use YARRP, the best plugin for related pots.

  59. El peso ideal says:

    I didn’t assume that there are so many ways to display the related posts man.
    But, I love LinkWithin plugin. It usually increases my site’s pageviews which is definetly positive!

  60. i am using google related links and YRAPP.:)

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