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10 Simple Ways To Become A Good Entrepreneur

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Are you serious about starting your own company? Are you ready to face the risks involved in it? If your answer is “Yes” for both the questions, then you are an entrepreneur in the making. An entrepreneur is someone who organizes a business venture and assumes the risk for it. They should be willing to take risks. Entrepreneurs are actually bold risk takers. You can minimize the risks by good planning and preparation.

I listed out 10 simple ways to become a good and also a successful entrepreneur. Make sure you follow these ways before starting a business or company.

1. Make relationship with other Entrepreneurs

Try connecting with as many entrepreneurs as possible. Hang out with them. Make friends, because you are who your friends are. It is better to live in a location filled with entrepreneurs.

2. Find a simple solution to a big problem

Always keep things simple and sensitive. Simplicity is essential. An entrepreneur always finds a simple solution to a big problem.

3. Attend seminars, events and conferences

Seminars and conferences can help you develop a network easily. You can connect with many personalities and successful entrepreneurs. Maybe you can find your Business mentor there.

4. Take your hobby as a business

Many successful entrepreneurs made their Businesses from their hobbies. Find a loop to convert your hobby into your business.

5. Recover from mistakes and failures

Learn from other’s mistakes and also from yours. Make sure you don’t repeat them often. Don’t consider your competitors as your enemies, you can learn a lot from them instead.

6. Connect with Entrepreneurs through social media

I found many entrepreneurs through Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Make use of these sites to increase your presence and develop your network. If you need to have connection with some, contact me, I’ll arrange a chat according to their desired time.

7. Have a personal blog to brand yourself and your business

Create a personal blog which tells your customers or clients about you and your business. It helps you to build your personal image and also helps your business.

8. Self promotion and marketing

Always be ready and comfortable with Self Promotion and Marketing. Learn the tactics and skills for marketing yourself. Make use of Technology to promote your business.

9. Always find a cheaper way to do something

Don’t spend your money unnecessarily, save it instead. Your business needs every single rupee. Learn to manage both your personal and business money at the same time.

10. Always believe in yourself and your idea

Every new idea is a joke, until one man achieves it.  Let it be a great idea or a moderate idea, always believe it will work. Accept criticism, no matter who gives it to you.

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46 Opinions on “10 Simple Ways To Become A Good Entrepreneur

  1. Ya that’s true :)
    I would like to add some more words for your point
    *Recover from mistakes and failures
    “Smart people learn from their own mistakes ,but Wise 😉 people learn from others mistakes “

  2. Thanks da ! Join NEN ! 😀

  3. Thats very true Pradeep! Relationships with others, Liking towards the Business and finding new ways to promote yourself are among the most essential things in succeeding as an entrepreneur.

    • Yeah..actually I had so many points ! But I mentioned only 10 here. Because I considered those points to be simple ! 😉

      Will you become an Entrepreneur Rohit ?

      • I seriously plan to be one! I never wish to work under someone and I don’t like people forcing me to do my work. I will better be self employed, but I like to work with a group at the same table.

        In short, I don’t like the distinction between a Boss and Sub-ordinates. All at the same level sounds good to me.

        • Rohit, you think like me ! 😀

          I don’t want to spend my worthy days in office !

          I’m also willing to be self employed ! Now currently trying to become a freelance blogger ! :)

          • Yes, same here! Currently planning to be a Freelance Blogger. I am planning to be a Domainer also for getting some fast cash.

            • @ Tech-Freak Stuff : Dude, we have so many things in common ! 😆

              I’m going to learn “behind the scenes” of a freelance blogger, and after that will become a complete freelancer ! 😉

  4. Awasome..!!

    Excellent post Praveen..!!

    why not to write such wonderfull post for my blog called http://www.knowbest.info/

    u will get good exposure from it..!!

    • Thanks for the compliments Mohsin ! 😉

      I would like to write, but not now dude ! I’m overloaded ! :(

      Plz add me to GTalk, we’ll discuss about this ! Cheers !

      And my name is Pradeep, not Praveen ! 😀

  5. I think that the 1st and 6th point are almost same.

    But everything you said here is perfect.

    I love 3rd and 10th point.

  6. Good article. We see a lot of start ups (its our job to help people start up their business) so we get a good idea of what is needed to be a success.

    A couple of simple points to add are:

    1. Persistence – just keep at it, even when it is getting you down
    2. Patience – businesses are a marathon (or for some a half marathon) not a sprint.

  7. @ Sunil Jain : Sure buddy ! Will ping u ! 😉

  8. 1 more : Do only what you are good at. Dont run for money, run for your passion..

  9. Nice list Pradeep. I liked your point on “self promotion”. People really forget about this while they market their business. Trust is main thing in business .

  10. 1800SaiGon says:

    Easy first step. Thanks for articles

  11. Great article Pradeep, I think you have covered some really important point over here. “Find a simple solution to a big problem” is really cool, people should think in solution oriented way rather than asking next question.

  12. Hakeem - technology and gadgets says:

    Thank! I’ll follow your advice.

  13. Hello Mr. Pradeep
    Really Great information to become Entrepreneur with follow 10 tips

  14. It is true,if one wants to be an entrepreneur one has to believe in capabilities and conviction on self.Confidence though important for a person who has a job is all the most important for a person who desires to do it alone and establish oneself.Proper connections,positive outlook and yes competent professionalism count a great deal if one wants to be in that place.Good article for those who share the same outlook.

  15. Mantra for a Good Entrepreneur is “Love what you do and Do what you love ”

  16. Great work man thanks for the article

  17. Jason Webb says:

    Great article. I enjoy hearing about entrepreneurs who triumph potentially devastating situations and rise from it with a leaner, more efficient business and go on to achieve everything they desire.

  18. Like this post good work :)

  19. Ranold Cruz says:

    To be a good entrepreneur, you must be skilled in making an effective strategy to make things work and successful.

  20. El peso ideal says:

    Nice tips, but some are a little bit unrealistic. For example tip number 9 is unrealisitic. Sometimes it is important for entrepreneurs to compete with particular actors in a market. It is for example to compete with wallmarkt, because you will be outscaled. Further are some tips useful!

  21. Awesome Yaar. You are writing very True Points that surely helpful for me and others , who want to become an Entrepreneur. Thnx For Directing me

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