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Ways For Respecting Your Beloved Commentators

Last updated on 21/06/2015 by | Short URL: http://hbb.me/1IWLMWB

Everyone loves their commentators. You, Me and All. They even comment and criticize during their busy schedule. But many bloggers never thought about giving something in return to them. That is not loyal. Commentators give suggestions, solutions, feedback and many more through their comments. That indeed makes the post or article active and boosts it. Below are some of the ways by which you can gift for your beloved and worthy commentators.

Ways For Respecting Your Commentators


1. Top Commentators Widget – shows the top commentators list in my blog’s sidebar.

2. Comment Luv Plugin – Displays their last blog posts, tweets or digg submissions in their comments which they can choose one from.

3. Sidebar Banner – A 125 x 125 banner in sidebar can be allocated for Top Commentator of the month.

You can check this here itself – Ad Slots For Top Commentators.

4. Thank Me Later – Will send thank you emails to readers after they post a comment.

5. Becoming Do Follow Friendly Comment(s) placed in a Do Follow blog will be considered as a backlink. If you love your commentators you can do the same.

6. Recent Comments Widget – Many blog owners fail to realize the importance of this. By displaying the recent comments, you indeed help them drive traffic.

7. Announcing Top Commentators – Allocate a separate post for mentioning the top commentators of the month.

For example, like this : Top Commentators Award For December 2009

8. Greeting First Time Commentators -Replace default text ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation’ with a decent welcome message greeting. This is done without using a plugin.

You should do some tweaking with the code.

9. KeywordLuv : This plugin rewards your commentators by separating their name from their keywords in the link to their website in the comments.

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43 Opinions on “Ways For Respecting Your Beloved Commentators

  1. Useful. A good commentators can become a loyal readers =)

  2. thanks for the tips…i never thought it could be so useful

  3. Just Updated : HellBound Bloggers introduced Top Commentators Widget ! :)

    It shows the top commentators list in my blog’s sidebar. Check it out !

  4. Great List.. thanks for the mention. Found some useful Plugins here ! πŸ˜‰

  5. @ All : One more way for respecting your commentators has been added in this post ! Please do check it ! Cheers ! πŸ˜‰

  6. Thanks for the tips to honor commentators. This is a valuable information for all bloggers.
    Keep up the good work.

  7. thanks for the comments. one doubt i tried a whole for putting related thumbnail post in my blog under each post. ” like you have text link. can u say any idea. any plugin

  8. Nice post Pradeep. Though few things I would like to add
    Thank me later plugin can create a red flag as it violates Rules of many hosting company. Because it send an Email without user performing any action. Though to keep yourself on the safer side , you can add a note above the comment box that we will send a Thank you mail…

    • Hey thanks for sharing that mate ! :)

      Actually I misunderstood about this plugin @ the beginning.. anywayz… thanks for the words ! Cheers ! :)

    • These kind of mails instead of some good intention behind, sometimes annoys the commenter. Harsh, this is really a point to be taken care of, and you gave a very good solution for this “add a note above the comment box”.

  9. Cool tips dude!
    I m loving it..I am seeing comment love plugin in many blogs these days..

    • I’m also trying to introduce that plugin in my blog… but due to site design.. still it is under queue.. but we recently introduced Top Commentators Widget ! πŸ˜‰

  10. Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.

  11. Great ideas will be implementing some of these on my blog :)

  12. SonyaSunny says:

    Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!

  13. Hi, Where are you from? Is it a secret? :)
    Thank you

  14. No one leaves the Top Commentators and Comment Luv plugin. they are the most worth one and attracts more visitors.

  15. Everything on the list is good but don’t you think auto-mails send to thank the commentator can actually make him feel like being spammed from your blog?

    • Yes Rishi.. I agree with you…

      A major disadvantage with it. But quite a useful plugin. Since the commentator won’t think he is “lone” and author assures him that he will reply soon .. πŸ˜€

  16. I use most all of the plugins you mentioned on my site, and the response I have gotten with comments is phenomenal! Genuine comments too, not one liner crap, my readers are passionate about their comments!

  17. The Chaos Creatorβ„’ says:

    After leaving a comment on a blog yesterday and being chastised for my opinion, your quote, “Commentators give suggestions, solutions, feedback and many more through their comments. That indeed makes the post or article active and boosts it.” is actually the essence of a blog. Depsite a person’s unfavorable view, it should be respected and playing devil’s advocate is not always a bad thing. Thanks for reading.

  18. All are some nice idea to reward to commentators, I have put top commentators widget on my blog to reward to my top commentators.

  19. Ya this is really good idea. I will try it on my blog :)

  20. Thanks for sharing this plugins pradeep. i am going to use this plugins in my blogs
    .-= Ruchita @ IBEE Hosting’s last blog…All You Need to Know about Linux Web Hosting =-.

  21. nice post pradeep !!
    .-= Dev | Technshare's last blog…<a href="http://www.technshare.com/tips-to-increase-page-rank/">8 Tips to Increase your Google Page Rank</a> =-.

  22. Im respecting My commentators very well
    .-= sudharsan @ technoskillonline’s last blog…Win Dell Inspiron Laptop Free – Sizlopedia Contest =-.

  23. Solid tips. I favor anything that is written this well when it comes to respecting commenters. It is already hard enough to get some comments and rewarding them by doing so is just something little we can give back.

  24. Nice list of plugins! good stuff! Should try out a few, and few already using!

  25. One more lovely article. Really commenting helps a lot in many ways but now I realized we also can help them to give some back.

  26. Great Tips. Especially I like the last point, this is something I never heard before ” Greeting First Time Commentators” will give it a try. :-)

  27. Jahapana Tussi Great Ho ! Comment Kabool Karo ! Thanks man i love this site :) You respect your readers and commentators.

  28. Really awesome ways to show respect to the commentators. Great that you have listed “Thank Me Later” plugin, I was i need of this kind of plugin. Thanks Pradeep :)
    Respecting Your Commentators

    Read more at http://hellboundbloggers.com/2009/07/09/how-to-help-your-commentators/re

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