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List Of Blogs Using Top Commentators Widget

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Screenshot from Asnio.com

Screenshot from Asnio.com

Last week we discussed about the list of cool blogs to write Guest articles. Now this week we are going to discuss about the list of cool blogs using the Top Commentators Widget. This is also one of the genuine ways for getting a quality backlink. The other three ways I recommend are through Guest Articles, Comment Luv Plugin, and of course, Do Follow Blogs. The links mentioned in the TC widget are mostly do follow. So by this you can get a free quality and genuine backlink easily. You can also be proud for topping or entering the list of Top Commentators of that blog.

But always remember, never and don’t comment for the sake of commenting. It is easy to identify a fake comment and a genuine comment. Be sure you brand your comments for driving all the traffic to your blog.

I picked many cool blogs as I picked for the list of cool blogs for writing Guest articles. If you are a Top Commentator in their blogs, then a solid backlink is for sure. It is one of the easiest way for getting a quality backlink. The list consists of blogs having PRs of many range. Many have upto PR 5 and PR 6.

I recommend every blogger to have Top Commentators Widget in their blogs. It really helps yours commentators. Be loyal to them !


No Longer Accepting New Blogs/Sites Through Comments For This List

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104 Opinions on “List Of Blogs Using Top Commentators Widget

  1. Fatin Pauzi says:

    Great. This is one of the effective way to get backlink.
    Besides that, it can build a radical relationship between blogger and
    effective in radical marketing aspect.

  2. Jake | Web Journey says:

    Thanks a ton for the list man. I love commentating on blogs with the top commentator plug-in. Thanks for the mention too.

  3. It feels so good to be affiliated with Hellbound Bloggers. I just saw my name there in the Top Commentators list and was quite shocked to find myself so addicted to this blog! Love!!

    • Congrats for entering the list buddy ! 😉

      The list is getting updated frequently.. maybe I should mention the number of comments they made on this blog ! 😀

      • It will be good if you mention the number of comments posted by each commenter! It will create a healthy competition!

        • Yeah ! But see Rohit…if I mention their number of comments (now) .. their intention will be to come top… ! 😀

          Then they might not comment as they did before..

          This is just my opinion…

          Let’em comment.. they’ll automatically enter the top…

  4. Hey Sandeep
    very useful list and it will be helpful for many of us..
    You doing a great job…

  5. Cool man. I was just looking for blogs displaying top commentators list. This is really a time saving for me. Let us have more and more listing from your side.

  6. I am also using this plugin on my blog. It’s a really good plugin that benefits both commenters and the blog owner.

  7. […] Comment on Blog using Top commentator Widget. […]

  8. Ya this widget really helps to gain traffic too

  9. helpful tip pradeep,
    thanks for the tip :)

  10. Really cool stuff here. Do you have to use wordpress for all of these plug ins? I am new to blogging especially with wordpress so any feedback would be good. How does it differ to blogger?



    • Thanks for your first comment here Rich ! 😉

      And yes, you should have a wordpress blog to use all these plug ins !

      Blogger and wordpress have many differences, like in wordpress they have two options, you can create a free blog (like blogger) or you can create self-hosted blog ! 😉

      Feel free to ask any queries ! …

  11. I have installed a top commdntator plugin. I hope i am eligible for this list.

  12. @ White Paper : Hey sorry buddy, your comment went to Spam Queue since it contained some links and accidentally deleted your comment, because you mentioned keywords in the name field ! 😉

    BTW, thanks for mentioning the broken link ! 😆

  13. This seems to be a great list. Good way to get links for hardworking people. Will implement on my blog as well

  14. Hey Pradeep, just wanted to let you know I started a new blogspot blog “dofollow cool” Do you also feel dofollow blogs are gaining in popularity? Or was that the 2009 fad? Matt

    • Wow ! Congrats Matt ! 😉

      Actually being Do Follow friendly has so many advantages and only one so-called disadvantage i.e., excess spam comments ! But it is not a big issue for a blogger ! 😀

      Surely they are gaining popularity ! ..

  15. Pradeep, this is the list I was looking for. It helped me a lot and would like to thank you for sharing this info on your blog.

    Gr8 job, you rocks!

  16. Wine of Month Club says:

    Thanks for the list! I’ve never looked into top commentator blogs before, but I will be sure to do so now. Given our struggles to move to a better position then #100….I can use all the help I can get!

  17. Thanks for adding my site dude,i had never noticed it just nw saw it ,anywyas tahnks once again :) :) :)

  18. oes tsetnoc says:

    WOW thats really good list.. I was looking for that


  19. Jeff @ Adult Medieval Costumes says:

    Don’t you think the time some people spend on being the top commenter can in many cases be better spent learning to get a few anchor links from authority sites? I personally have seen this push blogs and static sites up in rank and help them remain when Google changes are in the works. This is only a small part of my SEO arsenal.

    • Of course Jeff, I agree with you. But we can’t say we are spending time much on it, commenting became a routine thing now.. and thus automatically we get the top slot ! 😉

  20. Just dropping you a note to tell you that your link to the Top Commentators Widget download page is broken (think you forgot to add http:// in front).

  21. I recently took out this plugin. By the way, Melvin Blog’s URL doesn’t have the ‘the’

  22. Wherez Shoutmeloud?? dude.

  23. Thanks for the post. Came here from Teenius.com. I think doing in do follow blogs will be more beneficial than this. http://www.sitesketch101.com provides you do follow links for comments.

    • Most of the Blogs keep Do Follow links in Top Commentators Widget ! 😉

      And of course, listing do follow blogs with TC widget would have been more essential ! …

  24. Nice list.

    You can get some very good quility backlinks indeed, by commenting regulary on these blogs and getting in the top commentators list.

    I also have installed the top commentators plugin and find it very useful.

  25. this is a great list , but i not all of these blogs have the top commentators widget

  26. AM Blogger says:

    Thanx for the list :)

  27. I am also using top commentors widget on my blog . My blog url is http://www.tekshek.com/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi. My blog is 2 months old. Add it to above list

  28. hi, my blog is pr2 and it uses top commenters :)

  29. oes tsetnoc says:

    the Top Commentators Widget is really a wonderful stuff i just discovered via your website.

  30. Start A Blog says:

    Although my blog isn’t high enough yet, do you include blogs with other widgets similar to top commenter? Blogger has a few knock offs I have been trying out.

  31. Dude, you have mentioned PSD Recipes twice. Check it out.

    Also some of the blogs dont use top comentators widget now. So revise the list

  32. This is the best resource by which we can create more back links for our own websites. It helps us to increase page rank also. Thanks.

  33. Thank you very much for the share
    definitely a good to know list

  34. I never thought backlinks can be accumulated through this way. Thank you man, you just provided what I need!

  35. nice list, top commentator list if a great way to give back something to the active commentators, on tech nascent – http://technascent.com/ i have an active list of top commentators, please include it on your list,
    thanks and regards,

  36. Guildford says:

    A very good list. commenting obviously will help getting a backlink.

  37. Hey if my request is accepted, can u change the anchor text for my site as "Blogging for beginners". is that possible?

  38. UFC Betting says:

    That list is very useful and informative

  39. Sniff India says:

    top commentators plugin is a must have for all blogs, its good for both the readers and the bloggers :) am having one on sniffindia too, hope to see it on the list too,

  40. this is a great list , but i not all of these blogs have the top commentators widget.

  41. Very nice information. Thanks for this.

  42. Thanks for this informative post, i think i would like to re visit your blog. awesome work dude

  43. heri @ flood pictures says:

    Great resources.
    I need this.

  44. Hey Pradeep
    If possible include my blog also…
    I too announced Top commentator award..

  45. Thank you for adding my blog :)
    .-= GDI Blog’s last blog…Top 6 Business Networking Tips =-.

  46. Hey thanks for giving me list of blogs containing top commentators widgets.

  47. Hey Pradeep, the list is good but one of the site from the last 3 tried to installed a backdoor in my system .. please see to it and remove it from the list ….

  48. Great list. Realy it will help bloggers to get more comments and more reader and as being reader get FREE backlings. Good cooperation from both side. I encourage bloggers to install one in their blog. Me also have added top commentator widget.

  49. Great list buddy. !! These are awesome blogs.
    Thanks for sharing this great post.

  50. This is a great list, posting on blogs is a great way to get backlinks. I love posting on Top Commentator blogs because we get rewarded for our comments. Thanks for sharing this list.

  51. Thanks for the awesome TC list. I love to comment on different blogs, it increase my knowledge and also
    provide me healthy back link. Your list is really very good. I am pretty much pleased with your good work.You put really very helpful information. Keep it up. Keep blogging. Looking to reading your next post.

  52. Thanks a lot for this very useful post. I was searching for this list for such a long time. Thanks again 😀

  53. I was looking for such a great list.I always love to put my comment which sites have coomentluv plugin and top commentator widget.

  54. hey mate i too use top commentator.. if possible add me too….

  55. Baolin Liu says:

    Thanks for the List of these Blogs. Very Extensive. Keep it up Kumar.

  56. Thank you for your list, I will bookmark this page
    other than to get backlinks, Top Commentators also could increase traffic
    and i use Top Commentators widget too in my blog :)

  57. Sathish @ TechieMania says:

    Shoutmeloud stopped using the top commentators widget. Edit the list pradeep.

  58. This list is awesome! Thanks!

  59. You need to prune the list. Most Blogs have either died and/or don’t have the widget now.

  60. Cool list.. thanks for the list bro :)

  61. www.ThePankajGupta.com says:

    My website is also running top commenter contest and the 2 winners will get free 30 days advertisement. You can visit and read the contest.

  62. www.ThePankajGupta.com says:

    Sorry for the second continuous comment, but the some of the links in above lists are not working or they are not running this widget. So, Better to update these lists. Thank You.

  63. Great Share Pradeep i love it :)

  64. techie-buzz has removed top commentators widget. Please remove it from your list